GCC Agenda - September 2006 Meeting

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GCC Agenda - 13 September 2006 Meeting

13 September, 8am US PDT / 5pm CET / 1500 Universal Time or GMT


1500 Check-in with celebrating our organization. What are we doing that is working? For meaning, connection, and inspiration. (15 min)

Consent agenda

1515 (0 minutes) (i.e., propose to consent to these items with no dialogue)

  • No Consent Items Since there appear to be questions regarding all three items proposed for consent round, I have moved them to the regular agenda. (John W.)

Regular Agenda Items

  • 1515 New Member proposal: The GCC welcomes Monica Reu as proposed representative from the Eastern European Network, term to be through April 2007. Orientation buddy to be Liz. (15 min)
  • 1530 Update on Transformation of Marshall's relationship with CNVC: Valentina and possibly Marshall will be requested to offer further information on their vision and answer some questions from the GCC (John Wiley 15 min.)
  • 1545 Update on Contract Negotiation: John Wiley and/or Jori will update the GCC on their progress towards re-negotiating the interim Executive Directors agreement beyond October 2006. (John Wiley/Jori 5 mins)
  • 1550 Atlanta Agenda Planning: All agenda items for the physical meeting will be submitted for review by the October 11 conference call meeting. Rationale: To support clarity and effectiveness at the physical meeting, it will be helpful to sort out our agenda and priorities in the October 11 phone meeting. (JW 10 min.)
  • 1600 Update on Leadership Working Group (Stefan 15 min)
  • 1615 Proposal to Drop Review: In April when John Wiley was selected as President a review was scheduled for July. It has been postponed twice. (John 10 min.)
  • 1625 Endorsement Policy: Review and/or establish a policy regarding official CNVC endorsements. (For example: Do we have a policy, do we want one, what are the legal implications for a registered non-profit? Collect issues, delegate Jori to research any issues needing further clarification. John 15 min.)
Standing endorsement requests
  • Endorsement: Serious Peace: Request for endorsement of 'Serious Peace Alliance' (Integral Large Scale Conflict Transformation) (Stefan)
  • Additional Items if Time Permits
  • Proposal to support implementation of regional strategy: Circles aiming to establish strategic alignment in geographical regions are invited to nominate a representative to join the Scholarship Committee for any IIT taking place in that region. (Rationale: supports alignment between global and regional strategy.) (Liz)
  • Proposal to support connectivity between members in the Network: The GCC requests that members in the IT Committee post a prototype interactive website, including key functionalities it has already identified as 'desirable', by the end of November 2006. (Rationale: acknowledges urgency of needs for connection and ease expressed by members in the Network, supports members in the IT committee in obtaining acknowledgement and attention, discourages impression amongst members in the Network they must either identify and/or build their own Internet resources or 'do without', reduces pressure on GCC members to delelop skills that would allow them to use tools such as the Wiki for purposes other than those for which they are designed.) (Liz)
  • Proposal to hire John Buck for facilitation support at the October meeting. (John W.) (Request to know under which account heading this fee will be logged - Liz)
  • 1640 Observer comments and check out (15 min)
Comments might include:
What did you like?
How would you have liked it to be different?
Anything else?
  • 1655 GCC member check out


We ask non-GCC members to reserve any comments until the time we have set aside for Observer feedback (up to 15 minutes toward the end of the meeting) when we will have direct discussion with observers and others in attendance who have honored us with their presence. We may also include other times for feedback, as our need for that arises and when there is sufficient time to listen to and address those comments.