Expressing Honestly

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No one else has written here, so I am going to go and write something *myself*!!

Expressing honestly, in Nonviolent Communication, exists as another way of saying "speaking from the heart". With NVC, there a Four part model exists to help one do this. Consisting of Observation, Feelings, Needs and Requests. So, to translate the first sentence written above into an NVC means of expressing honestly, it would read as:

"When I notice that no one has written an "expressing honestly" entry [observation] I feel frustrated [feeling] because of wanting consistency and completeness[need], so I write this [the request, made to self,in this case]"

It gets recommended that when honestly expressing, that it end with a request of some sort. This helps avoid "dumping on" people, instead providing a means through which others can take in and respond to what got said, thereby further movement could come about over the issues.