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NVC European Summer Festival 2011 / Angleterre (Ambleside)

NVC European Summer Festival 2011 / Angleterre (Ambleside)

2010 organization archives

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About “L’Espace des Possibles”

This year the festival will be hosted in a beautiful, hilly and vast space...


Info/Questions about the “European NVC Summer Festival”:
Info/Questions about l“Espace De Possible”, contact Corinne:
Please fill up this form and send to:
This is an “open office” document, if you can’t open it, just change it to .doc instead of as it is in .odt. If you encounter any more problems, please contact us by-


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Welcome to the 7th « European NVC Summer Festival », France
4 - 11 July 2010

For its 7th Birthday, this year the festival comes to France! We are delighted to invite you, dear Giraffes, from all over Europe (and the world) to gather together and share a community experience based on NVC.

About the Festival :

Lasting for 7 days, this event is an opportunity to experience the very essence of NVC. Together, we’ll create a big lively community (150-200 people), with the specific intention of hearing and meeting everybody’s needs peacefully and respectfully.

In the spirit of Open Space, every participant, with however much,or little, experience of NVC, certified trainers to baby giraffes, can offer or attend workshops. All are welcome to join in the flow of giving and receiving, learning, teaching and practicing NVC.

This festival is different from an NVC workshop in that each participant takes an active part in its creation and leadership.

In the program:

- About 4 workshops a day - learning, experiencing and experimenting.
- About 1 hour per day for empathy in small on-going support groups.
- Around 2 hours per day of Community meeting – one hour each, morning and evening.
- Assorted sessions; yoga, meditation, singing, dance… whatever is offered!

Adults, families and children of any and all nationalities are warmly welcomed to a feast of NVC and international connections!

So that we can include as many people as possible, and facilitate a dynamic flow, the official language will be English. ([1] see comment)

The Festival takes place at "Espace des possibles" It’s a centre well known in France, specialising in festivals in personal development.

Adress: Entre mer et foret, 8 Boulevard de Suzac, 17132 Meschers, France

The site is about 300m from the Atlantic coast and surrounded by natural beauty. There is an area for camping, or you can rent small houses according to your budget and need for comfort. There are designated areas for children and play.

The total number of places at this festival is limited to 200. So we recommend early registration to reserve your place.

We’re looking forward to a transformative and enriching experience for everyone and the meeting of many needs!

The 2010 Festival Organizing Team.

[1] In the large community meetings, there will be a simultaneous whispering translation corner in French. In the workshops, anyone can make a request on the spot for translation. There will be translation only if there is someone present who would enjoy offering that. This means translation is not guaranteed.

Of course, individuals can also offer a workshop in French or any other language!

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