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What are our hopes and dreams for Compassion In Action?

During this conference and after, we...

...come to see possibilities for having a profound impact on how our country shows up and how we interact in the world.

...have a sense of belonging - locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

...have more self-connection and strategies around specific difficulties we've been facing at home.

...get the support we need, and see how we'll continue to get that support to live NVC and to grow our communities and networks.

...feel inspired, hopeful, invigorated and energized, aware of our power to manifest and spread NVC.

Shortly after last week's meeting, Linnaea imagined what it would be like if we did a short World Cafe. I agree that it would be a great way to get people connected to their own vision and purpose in attending the conference. It would look something like this:

We'd start with everyone welcomed into a café-like atmosphere, with music, tables for four with tablecloths and sheets of drawing paper and colored pens. Someone introduces the process when everyone is seated, inviting everyone to engage in dialogue and drawing / writing in answer to a powerful question, such as: "What more could we be doing about our United States?" (or some other powerful question, designed to stimulate connection with what's alive in us all). After twenty minutes, three people from each table are invited to move to another table, taking the "seeds" of the current dialogue with them.

In the new groups, the person who remained at the table shares the outcomes of the previous dialogue with the newcomers. The newcomers then expand and contribute to that discussion with what's alive in them now, and the "seeds" they bring from their last conversation.

This continues for a third round, then in the whole group the facilitators help consolidate the ideas - there are many different ways to do this,we could talk about them on the call if people are interested.

World Cafe is designed to be generative and to invite ideas to emerge.

There are many powerful questions we could ask at the beginning of the process (please add more):

What more could an NVC empowered USA look like?

What more could we be doing about our United States?