Board Minutes - 03/14/07

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Board Minutes 03/14/2007

Board meeting March 14, 2007

Attending: Jori Manske, Marshall & Valentina Rosenberg and Robert Gonzales.
Absent: John Wiley, Katherine Singer and Stephen Wisbauer.
Observers: Jim Manske, William Poehner, Danielle Beenders, Danielle Soule (all 4; California, USA), Jamie Conglose (Colorado, USA) and Meta Hough (Oregon, US).

Next board meeting:
April 11, 2007.

The LT will meet again: March 30, 2007
Report by Jim Manske:

Timeline of Move:

  • The current target date for opening an office in Albuquerque is Monday, May 7.

Concerns of Staff

  • Time frame of move
    • Some staff members see this as a workable time frame. Others are less optimistic. We need to remain flexible as events unfold and continuously update feasibility.
  • Severance?
    • Employees are encouraged to look for a job and take care of their needs if they are not moving with the office. We would enjoy them being with us as long as it works for them.
    • Some staff members are leaning toward relocating; some are leaning toward staying in LA. Those that are staying are considering their needs. They expect it to take 1-4 months to obtain comparable employment and would like CNVC's financial support during their transition. How much money does the board anticipate it could allocate for severance, including benefits. (Jim recommends that each staff member consider their specific needs and offer a proposal to the B/LT.)
  • Relocation reimbursements
    • Some staff members are leaning toward relocating. They would like CNVC's support in covering all reasonable moving expenses. What allowance does the Board anticipate? (Jim recommends that each staff member consider their specific needs and offer a proposal to the B/LT.)
    • IRS allows reimbursement of some moving costs.
  • Salary in NM
    • Staff members considering the move want assurance that their pay rate will remain the same, which will contribute to a higher standard of living. Is the Board willing to commit to this request?
    • LT response: Employees that move will keep the same pay (although no raises will be considered until their pay rate is comparable NM rates). New employees will be paid NM rates.
  • Virtual Office Options
    • Some staff members would like to have the possibility of continuing their contributions to CNVC through "virtual strategies," that is by working from home and logging on the CNVC network server. Does the LT see this as possible and/or desirable?
    • LT response: Some jobs have already been done virtually and they can be considered for this. Financial functions and material sales will be in the office with some of the administrative. (need for community)
  • Temporary HQ? Move twice? Suitability of location?
    • The Via Seville property in Albuquerque is a temporary location. Although local zoning laws allow a "low-key" operation focusing on telephone and mailing services, the growth of CNVC will require a different office set-up sooner or later. Some staff recommend "slowing down," and locating the permanent location before investing in the move. Concern about delivery trucks and parking in a residential area was also expressed. Does the LT or Board have feedback on this consideration?
    • We intend to get feedback from the network and consultants
  • Although the network has been notified through email and the wiki, we have received very little feedback (About a dozen emails). I have also spoken with 2 professional consultants who donated their time to CNVC. Gratitude to Sharon Colby and Jamie Conglose for the support!
  • Needs unmet: inclusion, ease and accessibility, international focus, clarity of organizational structure and purpose of the move
  • Needs met: ease, protection of financial resources, NM NVC community excited and welcoming, likely to contribute to clarity and focus, efficient utilization of energy and time, connection, inclusion, contribute to long term sustainability of CNVC's mission

Costs of Move

Direct Financial Costs

  • Moving Expenses
  • Payroll/Overtime/Extra Help
  • Contract Penalties
  • Covad
    • I will continue to negotiate this contact with upper management. (added by William)
  • Local Telephone Provider
    • I may have found a way to severely reduce this cost.(added by William)
  • Indirect Costs
  • Loss of business due to "down-time," eg bookstore packing inventory and set up.
  • Cost to Efficiency due to additional work of moving and time/energy of hiring and new employee training

Decision: Robert Gonzales is welcomed as a board member for 2 years. Check out:
Jamie: excited about the commitment to move forward. The move is a very wise decision. Recommend having new staff trained, temporary housing [in LA] would be a good idea so all can get trained.
Danielle: grateful for the clarity.
Jim: grateful for the participation on the comments on the report it met needs for clarity and contribution. The next steps are scary, also exciting.
William: enjoy the clarity, look forward to more input.
Robert: glad to be here. Regret not being here earlier (due to time change). My request: how can I update myself on all the board stuff?
Jori: feel reassurance that we all are looking at it carefully. Acceptance that we do not know it all. I feel warm with appreciation for all that participated.
Marshall: I like how we are moving
Valentina: feel moved with the honesty that was expressed. I heard the stimulation it is affecting us all. Connecting us to our heart. Feel relief, closeness and oneness with you all. Very connected.