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Board Meeting Agenda Creation Process (proposal)

To use our time together with more ease, clarity, and effectiveness we will prepare for our meetings as follows:

  • The President or Facilitator chooses a facilitator for the next meeting and asks for consent.
  • Voting members post and edit items proposed for the next agenda at
  • New proposals are sent by email also to Members. All comments and edits will be posted to the Wiki.

John Wiley says: I'm concerned about using both email and the wiki leading to extra work and confusion, and would strongly prefer that we all edit directly on the wiki. Stefan has offered to help anyone having trouble learning to use this interface, and Markus Pallo is also available.

  • The Secretary supports Members using the Wiki by posting and with instruction as needed.
  • Voting members check the Wiki by Friday of each week and makes edits agenda items to support our moving toward consent.

Liz Gay says on June 6th: I'm far from confident voting members are currently inspired to check the Wiki by Friday of each week. This process may have the potential to be inclusive, and it can only be inclusive when voting members choose to participate.

  • Facilitator will prepare an agenda 7 days before the meeting and post on the Wiki and email to Members for final review.
  • Facilitator will send final agenda to Members 4 days before scheduled meeting.
  • Exec. Dir. will post the final agenda to the network with conference details

Consent agenda procedures:

  • Only items that have had all objections addressed will be listed on the consent agenda.

Liz Gay says on June 6th: How will we know all objections have been addressed?

  • Items on the consent agenda will go directly to a voiced round for consent at the meeting.
  • Items on the consent agenda that have a paramount objection at the meeting will go back to the Wiki.

Liz Gay says on June 6th: I am hugely reluctant to rely on the Wiki as a space for discussion. It does not appear to me that voting members in the GCC are visiting these pages at this time.

  • Items not ready for the consent agenda, and may be moved to a proposal for a full consent process.

Liz Gay says on June 6th: This idea I REALLY like, contributing to needs for connection and understanding during meetings.

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