Board Agenda - December 2006 Meeting

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December 2006 Meeting Dates

US PT:Thur.12/13, 5:30pm - GMT:Wed.12/14, 1:30am - India:Wed.7am


  • 5:30 OBSERVER REQUEST We ask non-Board members to reserve any comments until the time we have set aside for feedback (up to 15 minutes toward the end of the meeting) from Observers who have honored us with their presence. We may also include other times for feedback, as our need for that arises and when there is sufficient time to listen to and address those comments. Please press 6 to mute and unmute your line during the call.
  • 5:35 Check-In - includes singing (15 min.).
  • 5:50 Agenda additions/changes, Announcements, Meeting Length 1:45 (John 10 min.).
  • 6:00 Proposal (Jori 10 min.): We change our regular Board meeting times to:
8pm GMT, 11am PT, 2pm ET, 5am Seoul
  • 6:10 Proposal (Jori 50 min.): We sociocratically select the following

       New LT leaders:

         IT Coordinator

Note: William Poehner nominated by IT Committee
Term: 6 months until integration with Media coordination
  • Maintain information flow with LT and office staff
  • Coordinate design of an IT system including:
  1. database development to support Office and CNVC functions
  2. web tools for NVC network development and services

         Training Coordinator

Term: 1 year
  • Create certification and training policy collaboration with LT
  • Expand training delivery by including in-house trainers
  • Review proposals for additional trainer categories in collaboration
  • Oversee entire assessment and certification process, looking for consistency and quality
  • Arrange meetings of the whole team to coordinate and evolve the assessment strategies worldwide
  • Address issues as they came up and create a complete system that integrates certification, training, and renewal
  • Develop resources for tending to the quality of training and certification
  • Evolve the Trainer agreement and report, as well as guidelines for other students sharing NVC
  • Participate in scholarship decisions

         Fundraising Coordinator

Term: 1 year
  • Working with all teams to integrate fundraising into everything we do.
  • Grant writing and training
  • Creating new vehicles and campaigns for network
  • Create Reporting mechanisms to donors and network
  • Thank you calls to donors managed with team
  • Evolving Giraffes Around the World and developing teams to host events with IITs
  • Major gift tracking and cultivating
  • Reports on fundraising to staff, Board and Fundraising Team
  • Coordinate with Newsletter editor and office on year end card
  • Oversee donation allocation
  • Participate in schoarship decisions

         Media Coordinator

Term: 1 year
  • Create media policy in coordination with LT
  • Coordinate media requests and authorizations to develop media materials
  • Promote NVC related programs through mass media
  • Oversee and develop broadcast, DVD, VHS, online, and print media materials and brochures
  • Design and implemention communication strategies including e-newsletter, annual report and webcasts
  • Assume oversite of website after term of IT coordinator

         Office Administator

Term: 1 year
  • Manage office and supporting staff, including:
  1. IIT registrar and fulfillment
  2. bookstore manager including inventory control
  3. donations processing and reporting
  4. financial, A/P, A/R
  5. human resources
  • Create office policy in collaboration with staff and LT
  • Administrative support for LT
  • Provide financial analysis and P&L reports for all CNVC functions and projects.
  • Review strategic plans, financials and other information for reports to LT
  • Nurture the culture of NVC in the office through training and commitment to living NVC.
  • Contribute to workflow analysis, streamlining and redesign of office functioning
  • Coordinate scholarship and allocation of use of restricted funds
  • Legal oversight, including Trademark issues
  • Ongoing review and evolution of organizational/staffing structure
  • Facilitate office staff meetings
  • Organize weekly staff NVC training
  • Fiscal responsibility, including supervision of investment funds management, at direction of M&V and LT.
  • Oversight and signatory on accounts and government reporting
  • Oversight of functionality of office database (following 6 month term of IT coordinator)
  • 7:00 Check-Out (15 min.).


  Jim and Jori’s Report as Coordinators of the GCC

  John Wiley's Initial Report on "E.D." Role Analysis