Board Agenda & Minutes 12/12/07

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Board Agenda & Minutes 12/12/07

December 12, starting at 19:00 GMT, teleconference
1.605.772-3100; code 825078#

(20:30 GMT)Check in

(20:40) Administrative matters

  • Announcements (All)
  • Next meeting: January 16, 2008, teleconference
  • Schedule of 2009 in-person Board meetings (Margo)
  • Documents for meeting: Financial report (Margo)
  • Acceptance of Nov 1-4 minutes
  • Acceptance of today's agenda (should any other action items be added or order of items on agenda changed?)


  • (20:50) Margo financial report
  • Review status of action items from Nov 1-4 meeting
    1. (21:00) Action Item: Translation policy and GCC is a priority. Margo to schedule meeting regarding these two items.
    2. (21:04) Action Item: Admin Team is happy to assure an announcement is made to the network ASAP concerning the certification process re-opening soon.
    3. (21:08) Action Item: Robert - to be involved in development for assessors training and ongoing training for certified trainers.
    4. (21:12) Action Item: Ann Wiley will consider taking on recruiting new Board Members; related Action Item: Valentina - to send list of possible board members to Margo.
    5. (21:14) Action Item: Have LT coordinators meeting every month attended by AT and LT coordinators. (Admin Team)
    6. (21:18)Action Item: Have Expanded forum every 3 months attended by AT, LT coordinators, and a 2nd person nominated from each LT team (observers invited)(Admin Team)
    7. (21:22) Action Item: Admin Team to hire up to two in-house trainers on the education services team. Decision to be reviewed in one year.
    8. (21:26) Action Item: Admin Team to establish hiring committee to hire a grant writer paid on percentage of award basis. Review decision in one year.
    9. (21:30) Action Item: Admin Team to hire Administrative Coordinator for support of grassroots fundraising and other administrative tasks in 2008. Review decision in one year.
    10. (21:34) Action Item: Admin Team to establish hiring committee to hire a Media Coordinator.
    11. (21:38) Action Item: Board establishes an Evolution Committee, Review decision in one year.
    12. (21:42) Action Item: Admin Team (AT) to communicate the communication committee’s guidelines. What do we communicate – information (ask and/or tell), decisions (observations & needs met?), feedback requests How do we communicate it? Who do I communicate it to?
    13. (21:46) Action Item: Valentina - to send package of notes developed with Barbara Larson regarding synergy Ann.
  • (21:54) Consider any needed adjustments in priorities, resources, or guidance to the Admin Team.

(22:15) Check out

(22:30) End meeting