Board Agenda & Minutes - 09/25/07

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Proposed Agenda for Sep 25 Board Meeting (teleconference)

(19:00 GMT)Check in

(19:15) Administrative matters

  • Announcements (All)
  • Next meeting: Nov 1 - 4, Albuquerque. (Logisitics: Margo)
  • Documents for meeting: Financial report (Margo)
  • Acceptance of Aug 15 minutes
  • Acceptance of today's agenda

- (19:25) Election of Board president (role description: see "Documents" section of Aug 15 minutes, below, "Duties of CNVC Directors." Proposed term: through March 2008.
(needs / rationale: efficiency and security, meet legal requirements)

- (19:45) Report on possible names for new Board members. Proposal: Form ad hoc nominating committee to find new board members. (Margo)
(needs / rationale: Diversity, support, availability of replacement Officers)

- (19:50) Approval of new building lease. (Margo)
(needs / rationale: safety, efficiency, city says we must move from current location)

- (19:58) Preparation for face-to-face meeting Nov 1-4. Report on exploration of communication and strategic planning - per action item of last meeting (John) Brainstorm topics for meeting agenda and assign for preparation. (all)
(needs / rationale: information, discussion, clarity, ensuring meeting starts with momentum)

- (20:15) Clarification of LT role and discussion with a view to resuming LT meetings (Stefan)
(needs / rationale: connection and transparency, ensuring key voices can play part in decision-making and strategizing)

- (20:30) Update on certification (Marshall)
(needs / rationale: information on key issue)

- (20:40) Review of previous decisions. See Items on lines 7 and 22-25 already addressed in this meeting. Proposal: Defer items on lines 10 and 17-21 for the face-to-face meeting next month.
(needs / rationale: efficiency, clarity

(20:45) Check out

Board Minutes – 09/25/2007 Meeting

(Teleconference) August 15,2007 10:00am PST

In Attendance:

  • Board Members: John Wiley (President), Stefan Wisbauer (Vice President),Valentina Rosenberg (Treasurer), Margo Pair (Interim Secretary), Marshall Rosenberg, Robert Gonzales, Jori Manske
  • Observers: John Buck (Meeting Facilitator), Jim Manske (GCC), Gail Taylor, Abbey Wells (note taker)


  • Group check-in
  • Consent by Board to last meeting minutes: August 15, 2007
  • Next Board meeting: November 1st – 4th, 2007 in Albuquerque
  • Agenda amendments:
  • Robert requested additional information concerning email notice referencing to possible lawsuit.

Consent by Board to Agenda with amendments.


Margo on behalf of CNVC staff extended a warm invitation to Board members to visit the new CNVC office. Our new commercial location to be available November 1, 2007, the office will be in the process of moving and setting up operations the first week of November.


Board President Term

  • John Wiley’s term as President expired April 2007. There is a need to find an interim President.

Decision: John Wiley is reinstated as acting President until the November 2007 board meeting.

Needs: Fulfill legal requirements, ease and efficiency

Board recruitment, new member search Needs: Diversity, support, availability of replacement Officers Various board members submitted names of potential candidates and reviewed names recommendations made within the past year.

Action Items:

  • Board members are encouraged to continue submitting names of potential candidates.
  • Margo requested assistance in developing an information package to provided potential board candidates with the goals and objectives of the organization, and relevant information for serving as a CNVC Board member.
  • Margo request assistance identifying particular skills and experience we would like candidates to bring to the organization.
  • Discussion:

Valentina wrote an email informing the board of a lawsuit initiated by Pierre. She is currently putting together a file of correspondence between Pierre and CNVC, which will be made available to the Board members.

Request:Robert expressed interest in further information in the matter.

Action Items:

  • Valentina asked Robert to provide a list of questions specifically addressing his concerns. This will help Valentina organize the information to be assist in bringing clarity and understanding around the issue.
  • Valentina will provide the information

Needs: Clarity, understanding, transparency

In preparation for the face-to-face November board meeting, the following was discussed and decided:

Action Items:

  • Ad Hoc Communication Committee was formed to identify and define the role of an Internal Communications Coordinator. Robert, John W Jori and Margo will participate on the committee.
  • Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee was formed. John Buck agreed to develop a draft to Jori and Valentina who will work with him on the committee.

Suggested topic for upcoming meeting:

  • Clarify the role of the Leadership Team and how to create greater connection.
  • How are we meeting our Vision, Mission and Aim?
  • Media

Meeting will be open to Leadership Team and other interested parties, unless determined otherwise, by the Board. Margo will coordinate staff participation. Discussion:
John W. requested for Marshall to send out an updated report on Certification. Valentina reported, she, Marshall, Rita, Dee and Margo will be having a conference call within the next week. After clarification on a number of issues, an updated report will follow.

Valentina expressed a commitment for having the information translated into German and French. There was an expressed interest to also have it available in Spanish.

Action Item:
Valentina will be working with Jori in identifying reliable resources available in fulfilling this commitment.


  • Margo: Please with amount of information shared and decisions made, request agenda topic – How to keep Board members more fully engaged.
  • Jori: Happy about meeting, glad to hear that Administration team is working well together.
  • Valentina: “Warmth in my heart, gratitude for the caring and compassion about lawsuit and support of Board given both her and Marshall. Delighted with flow of meeting. Met need for connection, felt enriched about connection with John While.
  • Marshall: Pleased with meeting. “Look into next meeting - Who is not being involved when they want to be involved with all that is going on.”
  • John Buck: Appreciated the team work that went into the election process.
  • John Wiley: Resonated with all. Feels a great deal of appreciation and warmth for everyone involved in the call and for the organization. John appreciated the silence and would like to create more time on agenda for it.
  • Robert: Appreciated John’s facilitation, it contributes to the effectiveness, care and intention for the NVC consciousness in the meeting as an organization. Looking forward to face to face meeting.
  • Stefan: satisfied with meeting enjoyed the spirit of openness and clarity.
  • Gail: Felt tenderness for the Board and the CNVC commitment to the consciousness.
  • Jim: Appreciated what he got today and has a deep hunger for even deeper connection.
  • Abbey: Grateful for the opportunity to contribute and looking forward to many more opportunities to do so.