Agenda for Meeting 11/13 - 11/16 2008

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Agenda for Meeting 11/13 - 11/16 2008

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thursday, Nov 13st 3:00pm - 5:00pm

  * 3:00 Check-in
  * 3:15 Meeting administration
        o Announcements
        o Lodging, food, meeting arrangements
        o Overview of materials
        o Acceptance of last meeting's minutes
        o Acceptance of agenda
  * 3:30 Financial Report: Margo and Valentina
        o Financial statements
        o Review of investment policies
        o Status of audits
  * 4:00 Begin work on strategic plan      
        o How stay based in life sustaining spirit as we do this work?
              + Expression by each member of the vision and values of NVC for them personally
              + Celebrations and gratitudes
              + Listing of the qualities we want NVC to express
        o Review and comment on efforts to find structures for the NVC community that express and hold life sustaining spirit and reflect inner structures
              + Stefan's plans from last year (included in Board pre-meeting package)
              + Review of any survey data collected by point person (included in Board pre-meeting package)
              + Review of responses from 65 self-identified organizations - geographic location, visions, missions, aims (GCC survey) (included in Board pre-meeting package)
        o Objective of plan and key issues to be addressed
        o How coordinate plan with NVC Community so that it becomes the overall NVC plan - not just CNVC
        o Agenda for call tomorrow with NVC regional organization leaders
  * 4:45 Check out
  * 5:00 Adjourn

Friday, Nov 14, 2008 9:30am - 5:45

  * 9:30 Check-in
  * 9:45 Meeting administration
        o Announcements
        o Meeting schedule over next 18 months
              + In-person meetings - dates and budgets - e.g., next in-person meeting May 14-17, 2009?
              + Change monthly dates to Wednesday of 2nd week of month?
        o Acceptance of today's agenda
  * 10:00 - Noon (6:00pm Western Europe, about 11:00pm India, 2:00am Eastern Australia & Korea) Meeting with NVC regional leaders
        o Exploration of spirit and vision for NVC
        o Exploration of most important needs concerning the NVC community such as relationships, membership, growth concepts, financial, and other matters
  * 12:00 Lunch
  * 1:00 Review the morning's call. Possibly establish subcommittees.
  * 2:00 Board administration and housekeeping
        o Elections of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
        o Status of by-laws review
        o Policies needing review or evaluation?
  * 2:15 Status of Admin Team and Leadership Team
  * 2:30 Break
  * 2:45 Reports from Leadership Team
        o Education Services
        o Training programs
              + Scheduling over next two years
              + Certification
              + Scholarship Committee, select another board member to be on committee
  * 3:30 Information Technology
        o Overview briefing about new website
        o Other IT infrastructure matters
  * 4:10 Office
  * 4:20 Communications Coordinator
        o Status of implementation of communications policy, including translation of NVC Documents; Board Q/A
        o Input to update of roles and responsibilities documents
  * 4:50 Global Community Circle 
        o Purpose statement
        o Four project focuses
  * 5:30 Check out
  * 5:45 Adjourn

Saturday, Nov 15 9:30am - 5:00pm

  * 9:30 Check-in
  * 9:45 Meeting administration
        o Announcements
        o Acceptance of agenda
  * 10:00am - Noon (6:00pm Western Europe, 2:00am Eastern Australia) Meeting with NVC regional leaders
        o Continuation of yesterday's conversation with aim to articulate key decisions about the direction of the NVC community
        o Establish strategic plan committee to complete writing of plan and involvement of regional organizations in the planning process
  * 12:00 Lunch
  * 1:00 Work on any action items that emerge from the morning's conversation - perhaps in subcommittees.
  * 4:45 Check-out for day
  * 5:00 Adjourn

Sunday, November 16, 2008 9:00am - Noon

  * 9:00 Check-in
  * 9:15 Meeting administration
        o Announcements
        o Acceptance of agenda
  * 9:20 Review/change/renewal of Board policies that may have expired (See pages Glenda inherited from Jori)
  * 9:40 Review of Board roles and focus
  * 9:45 Review of open action items from November 2007 and February 2008 in-person meetings in light of strategic planning conversations
        o Open action items from Novemer 2007 in-person meeting
              + Action Item: Translation policy and GCC is a priority. Margo to schedule meeting 
              + Action Item: Admin. Team to hire or contract with up to two in-house trainers on the education services team
  * Action Item: Admin Team to establish hiring committee to hire a grant writer paid on percentage of award basis, approved within budget. Review decision in one year.
  * Action Item: Board establishes an Evolution Committee, as noted in Marshall's letter to the board, November 3, 2007.
  * Action Item: Margo - to form a committee to review and recommend updates and revisions to the CNVC bylaws and Board policies. To be presented at next in-person Board meeting. Effort to include Ethics Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy.
  * Action Item: Margo - Distribute proposed amended bylaws and policies of CNVC to each Board member for review and comment at next in-person meeting.
  * Action Item: Margo - add “Schedule of 2009 Board meetings to agenda of next Board teleconference meeting.
  * Open action items from February 2008 in-person meeting
        o (Admin Team/GCC) Complete development of translation policy.
        o Get information from lawyers regarding different areas of media and geographic promotion and copyright.
        o Marshall to propose topics/guidelines for Evolution Committee meetings
        o Scheduling of Evolution Committee Meetings - First meeting to take place in Europe in July/August time period.
        o Communications Committee stay in contact with Marshall during the development of WIGO Project
  * 10:30 Break
  * 10:45 Review and ajust time line to incooporate new action items and minutes of this meeting
        o Timeline developed in last February's in-person meeting
              + Timeline - 1 year
              + Jan - Mar, 2008: Publish new website, hire office manager, Certification restarted? Marshall's Article/WIGOApr
              + Apr-Jun, 2008: Hire Grant Writer, Communication Committee Report, 3 New Board Members Added, Hiring Web Content Mngr., 2nd Staff Trainer hired, First expanded LT Forum, Timeline for WIGO Project
              + Jul - Sep, 2008: Hire Media Coordinator, Hire Public Relations person, Marshall/Valentina in Europe, First Evolution Committee Meeting, Assessor's Training in Europe, Completion of Working WIGO model
              + Oct - Dec, 2008: In person Board Meeting, Website upgrade per Network Input, Start Marshall's Media Initiative (Podcasts, interacting with other communities for NVC education)
              + Timeline - 5 years
        o 2009: Bring on Synergy Coordinator, Options for own building defined, Hire 3rd Staff Trainer
        o 2010: Building Lease ends (Mid-year), Start Certifying Organizations, First formal alliances with other Peace-making Organizations
        o 2011: Peace Center opens
        o 2012: CNVC on each populated continent/ de-centralized certification
  * 11:15 Wrap-up and check out
        o Appreciations
        o Celebrations
        o Comments on meeting process
  * 12:00 Adjourn


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