Agenda - February Board/LT Conference

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Day 1 - Board Meeting (open to public)

  • 9:00am - Check-in (Observer Request):
  • 9:15am - Agenda additions/changes, announcements.
  • 9:20am - Financial Report (Jori 10 min.).
  • 9:30am - Report on Office (Jori 20 min.).
  • 9:50am - Report on GCC (Jim 15 min.).
  • 10:05am - Report on IT infrastructure improvements (William 15 min.).
  • 10:20am - BREAK 20 minutes.
  • 10:40am - Update on organization restructuring review (Marshall & Valentina 1hr.50min.).
  • 12:30pm - LUNCH 1.5 hours.
  • 2:00pm - Marshall's Needs (Katherine 1:20hrs.).
  • 3:20pm - Empathy groups of 3 (Jori 20 min.).
  • 3:40pm - BREAK 20 minutes.
  • 4:00pm - Agenda for coming day(s), number of days, divide Board/LT days & agendas (John 60 min.).
  • 5:00pm - Check-out
  • 5:30pm - Adjourn for 6pm dinner (2 hours).
  • 7:30pm - SEP-IRA Proposal (Valentina 15 min.).
  • 7:45pm - Heartstorming Round on Organizational Review (John Buck 45 min.).
  • 8:00pm - Adjourn.

Subsequent Days (possibly open to public)

  • Organizational Review - Decisions/Actions?
  • Visioning as framework for structural decisions - picturemaking (Jori)
  • Role definitions and recruitment options for LT Positions (Jori).
    • Office Administrator? ED? Review job description and hiring procedure
    • Fundraising
    • Media
  • What kind of special consulting we need and how to fund it (Marshall 30 min.).
  • Valentina's Needs (Jori).
  • Role and funding of Barbara & Sartaj in CNVC (Valentina 20 min.).
  • Role and funding of Sociocracy and John Buck in CNVC (Valentina 30 min.).
  • CNVC geopgraphic project support, responding to requests for feedback from Dom and Eva
  • Certification Review (Danielle for Office Staff)
  • Proposal for productivity and mutuality (Jori):
  • Agenda items submitted by 10 days before meeting.
  • Proposed: Agenda posted by 7 days before meeting for feedback.
  • Proposed: Anyone not present who has not commented before meeting is considered to consent.
(Any decisions may be revisited at future meetings.)
  • Picture forming to define structure and intention of Synergy (Anne).
  • To support clarity and direction, review policies (available on CNVC website) (Jori):
  • Agreement dated 23rd July 2002 between Marshall Rosenberg, Gary Baran, Anne Bourrit and Pascale Molho at Orchidea Lodge re: trainer renewal fees in French-speaking area.
  • Staff retirement funds.
  • Vice President role includes tracking decisions [Need: follow through].
  • Deliverables discussion (Stefan):

1. 'functioning': sociocratic; autocratic; etc, 'style'. Clarity which decisions made by what method and by whom.

(proposed delineation: decisions that get made by LT/board rather than by M&V alone:

...a) Hiring of senior staff

...b) Creation of new organizational components

...c) Dedication of substantial financial resouces (>$10k?)

...d) definition of strategic priorities, to be refined further in discussion, just wanted to offer this list as a start)

2. management team 'setup': clarity in relation to roles already delineated.

3. strategic detailing (priority & how / who/ resources): know how will we fulfill strategic priotities, next steps and plan.

4. financial plan: self-finance vs. invest / consequences/ outcomes.

  • Observer policy for LT meetings (John 30 min.).