ASF meeting 2008 Oct 3

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This was the first organizing call for an American Summer Festival.

Who was here

Pierre-Marie Lamielle, Barbara Larson, Martha Lasley, John Abbe, Ariane Korth, Carol Placer, Dominic Barter, Elana Sabajon



  • whatever you need to say to help you be present, and
  • briefly why you're excited about this

The vision/invitation

An American NVC Summer Festival, in a different part of the Americas each year, with a culture that is leaderful - using Open Space, no formal/paid NVC teachers, with people taking turns facilitating after the organizers 'hold' the first couple of days - and family-friendly, inviting both individuals and families to reach across nuclear family boundaries for community-building, support and connection.

There were questions and answers about the vision, and we talked a lot about the qualities we like in the European NVC Summer Festivals that some of us have been too, and other events such as the various Family Camps, and Circles of Hope.

John will post in the next few days, with possible meeting times for a next call about two weeks from now.

Who, Where & When

Do any of us want to help organize a 2009 or 2010 summer festival?


Dominic is already planning a similar event for March/April (early fall in the southern hemisphere) of next year.

Carol expressed a lot of energy for organizing something for 2009. Barbara suggested her place on Vashon Island, and she and Elana talked about that has worked for NWCC Family Camps. It could hold 200 or even 250, though several of us suggested starting with more like 100 anyway. Accommodations have been all camping, though there is a hostel about a mile or two away (and they offer free bikes).

Martha was moved to host one in Pennsylvania in 2010. We talked about there being regional festivals that deepen local connections, and Pierre-Marie talked about how other festivals spring up in places where the European festival has been, as it moves from country to country. We also saw great value in diversity, both of place and the kinds of diversity we can all find right where we live. Many NVC gatherings are not very diverse, in part perhaps because the workshop format speaks only to some subcultures. [The low cost of this festival type of event is another plus toward attracting people who have not been coming to other NVC events.]

A round of sharing how we'd like to be involved

Next steps

John will start a mailing list (done!) and email in the next few days, with possible meeting times for a next call about two weeks from now.