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Ann Arbor NVC Practice Group

(Group name subject to change!)

We have been meeting in Ann Arbor since November of 2006. Our group is open to anyone who has attended and NVC workshop.

The following preamble, which is hereby released under the GPL, is read at each meeting:

Who We Are

We come together as a leaderful group out of our personal dedication to learn and practice NVC. Having had extensive training in Jackal, we are now willing to learn Giraffe.

What We Are Doing

We are here to learn NVC and find ways to apply it in our lives. We help each other learn through practice.

How We Practice (4 Steps)

Distinguish judgments and analysis from observations.

Communicate our feelings and distinguish them from our beliefs about what others have done to us.

Identify our needs, met and unmet, and distinguish needs from strategies for getting needs met.

Make clear, do-able requests and are willing to hear 'no' in the response.

A key to our practice is to recognize and acknowledge the interrelationship of these 4 steps.

We practice hearing and reflecting the observations, feelings, needs and requests behind any utterance.

Our goal is a transformation of consciousness resulting in the possibility of everyone's needs being met.

In Addition, Please:

Maintain confidentiality as defined by those present regarding subjects and individuals being discussed.

Refrain from interruptions except in service of improving our facility with NVC.

Turn off or silence cell phones and pagers.

This preamble is a 'living document' which is intended to describe our group now. Those present are always free to suggest and approve changes.