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John & Anne

About John Wiley

I live in Santa Barbara, in the Central Coast region of California. I love people, NVC, psychology, mind/body healing, consciousness study and practice, swimming, flying, music, dancing, Nepenthe on the Big Sur coast near here, and above all my remarkable wife Anne Cameron Wiley. The 150 or so college classes she creates, most of them free, are a great source of growth and fun for our beloved community.

I was born in the rolling hills of California near Los Angeles in 1948 (you do the math), and have also lived in Oregon, Washington (the West Coast one); and in Smithers, Vancouver, and Courtenay British Columbia, Canada. We love to travel, especially in Europe. So far we've visited Italy, Germany, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Belgium, and Andorra. One of my dreams is to live in Europe and get more than a tourist's sense of the rich diversity of cultures I love there. We've also travelled some in Mexico and of course the U.S.

I discovered NVC in 1994 when Marshall did one of his free workshops (1-day then, they're 2-day free workshops now!) at Santa Barbara City College. At that time I was working and teaching in the technology field. Marshall's work inspired me to make a career change in 1998, and I earned a graduate degree in Psychology with an emphasis on NVC in 2000. Now I teach NVC classes and include NVC in classes I teach on other psychology topics.
I love introducing people to NVC, and also helping people to deepen their consciousness by using the tools developed by Robert Gonzales in the PCNVC, NVC Training Institute, and NVCAZ. I want to write two books on NVC, but so far haven't had the time! Until recently Anne and I offered free practice groups and study groups in our home nearly every day of the week, but lately we've cut back to only a few.
I appreciate the people who have created and maintained this wiki because it enables people to share NVC in new ways. I'm excited about other technologies that can support NVC, and appreciate the work being done by Markus Pallo, William Poehner and others to test and implement them. Working with people I enjoy so much is a great source of joy for me.