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John Mudie.JPG My dreams for my involvement in life appear in my Leadership Plan. One of my passions in life is NVC and this shows up in my plan.

My latest venture a Dream Wiki appears to be a way of manifesting dreams but is actually a methodology for hopefully achieving serenity/peace of mind/G______ consciousness by looking at needs a la NVC.

I shared my knowledge of NVC and facilitate a weekly learning and practice group for a year in a venture called Peaceful Communication. I felt thrilled when one student "graduated" by developing a working knowledge of NVC and started participating in local activities and even got to attend an IIT

I used to join in the calls in the NVC Research Group and used to participate in the Thursday afternoon telephone Practice Group of the NVC Academy.

I have studied the use of NVC in the field of severe mental illness and have written a report on the subject.

I once had the honor to serve as the GCC representative of the Santa Barbara Regional NVC Team and joined the English Speaking African Circle. I was a member of the English Speaking America's Circle

I had the good fortune to attend an IIT in Santa Barbara in 2008. I also attended Compassionate Leadership 2008 where the trainers are Jim and Jori Manske, Rodger Sorrow and Kathi Aichner. I also had the privelige of attending Compassionate Leadership 2010 with Jim and Jori Manske, Rodger Sorrow and Faye Lindley. I have also attended a retreat on the Living Energy of Needs given by Robert Gonzales annd Susan Skye in 2011.

One of my current interests is how the brain works and brain plasticity. I have expressed some notions on how the brain works in relationship to NVC in a paper. I now regularly attend Sarah Peyton's lectures on Brain Functioning from an NVC perspective.

When I heard a person talking about the relationship between NVC and the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, I became all excited as my needs for spiritual growth and connection were met in spades. So I am interested in communicating with people with similar interests. I would love to correspond with anyone with similar interests and may be contacted at by e-mail.

I was an active organizing member of SoCalNVC and helped organize its first event, A Taste of Compassion , in Huntingdon Beach,CA in April, 2011 and its second event in El Cajon but did not manage to attend either of these events. I proposed a SoCalNVC event in Lompoc but it did not meet the needs of SoCalNVC and has not been held yet.

I helped organize three NVC trainings by Rodger Sorrow, Anne Walton , Tammy Cravitz and myself in Lompoc in 2011 as a contribution to OccupyLompoc. In 2011 I helped start a NVC learning/practise group in Lompoc called Lompoc Compassionate Communication with Tammy Cravitz.

I request everyone to keep coming back to the OFNR waltz and join me in growing spiritually and having fun :)

John 2/15/2013 Recovering Jackal

PS. Here is my official resume