Underlying Concepts of Compassionate Com

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Human Nature

Cooperation vs. Competition? Both?

How is human nature understood in terms of NVC? Does NVC require that cooperation, compassion and altruism are the most essential human qualities?

Franz de Waal, a primatologist, and Robert Sussman an anthropologist, have published a lot on cooperation and altruistic primate behavior.

See also Robert Axelrod's The Evolution of Cooperation


How does NVC understand emotions? Through the process of NVC do we actually eradicate negative emotions or do we just begin to appraise our emotions differently? Are anger, shame, guilt, etc. useless emotions, to be done away with?


NVC increases one's happiness, life satisfaction, relationship quality? Why? How can this be tested? Because happiness, or the experience of positive emotions, is correlated with enriching life, through relationships?

Enriching Life, Relationships and Meaning?