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Public discussion area for Board Policies. You are invited to comment here.

Liz says: The number one thing that sticks out for me as I review these policies is that the Board doesn't currently appear to me to follow them. I make this assessment when I notice Items 1.A. ('The board fulfils its role by placing emphasis on outward vision') and 3.C.1 ('The Board develops policies that instruct the Executive Director to achieve certain results, for certain recipients at a specified cost') and subsequently notice that I cannot seem to find a single policy in the Statement of Purpose that refers to any product or service any Executive Director (past or present) has been asked to deliver.

Also, I personally would love to see the Executive Limitations Policies cut to a different document that a) describes how we would like an Executive Director to behave (rather than how we hope he/she will NOT behave and b) becomes 'required reading' only for those members of the Board/GCC who are either particularly interested or directly invovled in assessing the Executive Direcotor's performance.