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In our meeting we have identified this area as key to the continued functioning of the organization, as well as an area where significant controversy exists within the organization at present. Further discussion of this controversy appears in section 4 above, along with the list of issues we recommend a committee look at.

No. Item Recommendation Cat Who When Notes
1 Global functioning Complete plan for addressing the issues related to global functioning 1 International committee (see above under sustainability, item 4) 1-Jan-06 A number of issues fall in this category. See section 4 in the document "CNVC Strategic Plan Part I" for details.
2 Israeli/Palestinian conflict Develop strategies for bringing NVC to bear on this conflict 3
year 5 This item was a frequently repeated theme in questionnaires received from the network last year.
3 Increase fundraising skills in network Develop plan for training people how to do fundraising, and how to transform attitudes towards money and resources 2 RGT, led by Ike and Lynn McMullen
This is already underway and we recommend it continues.
4 Information flow within the network Develop strategies for increasing flow of information in the organization 3

5 Resource sharing Increase worldwide sharing between trainers of experiences, learning, and training resources 3

6 Proposal to change name of organization/process Drop this suggestion 4

Not a burning issue; discuss in year 5 if interest in doing so.