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No. Item Recommendation Cat Who When Notes
1 Board development



diversity and skills of board members

1 Board to approve Nov-04 See

recommendations in section 6 in "CNVC Strategic Plan Part II", page 18.

2 Organizational

development issues - general

Board to address

in its next meeting

1 Board Nov-04 List of

organizational development issues is in Appendix B.

3 Financial


Gary to form

committee to support him in addressing and coming up with detailed plan, including training programs.

1 Gary chairs

committee. Invited members: Keld, Charles Jones.

1-Jan-05 This has already

been identified as Gary's domain, and hence the committee is chaired by him with a specific charter (coming up with detailed plan) rather than just convened to study and form recommendations.

4 Organizational

development issues - global functioning

Address at April

Board Meeting and NVC Convention

1 International

committee to be convened by Miki, including Gary, Martha Young, Kay, Godfrey, regional project leaders, Margarita, Keld, Middle East representative, Australia/New Zealand representative

1-Jan-05 Committee to

prepare for addressing global issues and membership issues specifically at the April NVC Convention. (section 4 of document, see Word document "CNVC Strategic Plan Part I")

5 Succession plan Develop specific

plans in place to address issues regarding both founder (Marshall) and Executive Director (Gary)

1 Gary to form and

chair committee. Additional members to include: Marshall, 2 board members, 2 trainers, 1 office staff.

1-Jan-05 Strong

recommendation to include people from outside the US.

6 Strategic

planning process


recommendations given to board (see appendix)

1 Gary to form new

committee to continue the process


7 Administrative


Develop plans for

ongoing administrative improvements in office, including integrated database

1 Gary to form

committee to support him. Invited members: Gail Taylor, Roger Sanders

8 World trends Convene committee

to identify and study world trends and explore their implications for where CNVC might want to put its priorities in terms of which needs we anticipate existing in the world.

1 Miki convenes.

Members suggested: Kay Singer, Ike, Gitte (from Finland), Richard Heinberg, Tom Atlee, Betty Burkes

1-Jan-06 Committee will be

convened in Jan 2005, but results to be ready by 2006 for use in next revision of document

9 Fundraising plan Adopt Lynn's


1 Lynn, Gary, and


ongoing Note: Lynn

McMullen is CNVC's fundraising consultant

10 Promote NVC and


Work with

PuddleDancer press and other publishers

ongoing Note: This item

is being included to indicate its vital connection to sustainability. For year one, no major new initiatives will be added, and CNVC will focus on continuing with initiatives and projects already underway, including launching quarterly electronic newsletter and other PR work.

11 Certification


Leave as is for

next 2 years

2 Board to approve
We recommend

working on certification process in years 3-4, see below.

12 Connecting with

Central Serving Team

Gary to put

together plan for connection and travel to different parts of the world

2 Board to approve 1-Jan-05
13 Legal issues Gary to study

ongoingly the requirements for operating in diferent countries and any related issues.

2 Board to approve ongoing
14 Funding regional


Develop plan for


3 Strategic

Planning Committee

15 Permanent Retreat


We recommend

dropping this item until after the 5-year period is complete


16 Promote NVC


Develop plan to

promote NVC on web (articles, audio clips, listing of contacts)

5 Gary to convene

committee including Kay Schwarzrock, PuddleDancer Press representative, and others

17 Training of

existing CNVC trainers

Develop plan for

this: Is this an effective use of Marshall's resources? How can trainers be supported in acquiring additional skills otherwise?

5 Gary, Marshall and