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Proposed aim of Spreading NVC in Eugene (started by Mark; edit it as you like):

The aim of our group, Spreading NVC, is to deepen our consciousness of, and facility at, compassionate giving by promoting opportunities for people of all ages and incomes in Lane County to experience and learn Nonviolent Communication.

Two other possibilities:

Proposed vision of Spreading NVC in Eugene (started by Meta; edit it as you like):

We envision everyone in the Eugene area meeting their needs compassionately, connecting compassionately with themselves and each other, resolving conflicts peacefully, and using Nonviolent Communication(sm) to create and participate in networks of worldwide life-serving systems in economics, education, justice, healthcare, and peace-keeping.

Proposed aim of Spreading NVC in Eugene (started by Meta; edit it as you like):

Our aim is to provide a location and structure for networking about NVC in Eugene, where people with ideas or needs can get community feedback, form working groups that create opportunities to contribute to the spreading of NVC in Eugene, and a forum to share what those groups are creating and get community feedback during the process.

During our June 8 meeting, I asked a question of the visions committee, and there was a request that I post that question on the wiki. Here it is: What’s the difference between vision, mission, aim, purpose, and clear intention? Which do you want here? --Meta

I don't know the difference nor care to make the distinction. If others want to be specific then I will wait until the distinctions or clarified before I set forth how I see our intention, aim or mission. - Suzi

Also, Suzi asked a question about the workshop we're working on that might be helpful to consider as we develop this. I don't remember all of her exact words, so i will use mine: What's alive for you about this group? What would really get you excited about participating in this group? --User:John Abbe

What is most alive for me is supporting local folks to develop their skills giving local workshops, intros, etc. and/or sponsoring intermediate workshops with outside trainers. Are enough local folks interested in intermediate? Holly, at one time said she would develop one for us if we have enough interest. - Suzi

Mark here, responding to Meta's inquiry about terms: As I learned in Sociocracy workshop and I quote from the handouts:

"About Aims: Aims are a crucial part of a system. They are part of the bigger picture vision and strategy,and they are the starting point for designing concrete day-to-day processes. A well-formulated aim meets the following criteria:

  • Clearly defines a service or product (result)
  • Has specifications that distinguish it from other aims (unique selling point)
  • The client (asking party) must be able to recognize and understand it. i.e. :it must be defined from the point of view of the client.
  • A circle cannot exist without a common aim. Why?

About Vision and Mission:

  • Vision is an image of the future as the organization sees and desires it. It is everyone's dream, giving a sense of identity and purpose
  • Mission is the assignment the organization gives itself to realize it's vision. It is the source of motivation."

Intention, I'd define as, needs-serving consciousness.

Purpose, I'd describe as, touching on the spiritual basis of our being. I understood Aim as being the first collaborative decision (maybe after choosing a facilitator for the meeting).

I'm not sure if this helps.


i'm here too. just a little too overwhelmed to comment at this point. --sparrow