Proposed CONTENT for June 22 Spreading NVC meeting

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Possible CONTENT for June 22 Spreading NVC meeting:

<Sharon's addition>

I would like to add an agenda item for a workshop proposal. I propose that we plan a fall workshop to be facilitated by John Abbe. It could be a workshop for training assistants for future workshops; or a workshop for honing our fluency at self-empathy, empathy and expression. My request might be "if anyone's needs would not be met by this proposal, would you speak up now?" or perhaps "Would anyone's needs not be met by doing a sociocracy-style round of feedback on this proposal?" <end of Sharon's addition>

process for assistants

7:10 2 rounds about how the process for assistants at LM and Rich’s intro was like or unlike our ideal… (first round for purple-lei wearers, second round for others, so that “others“ have more observations to respond to) Purpose is to explore what our ideals are, which ideals we share, what needs we hope to meet, and some ideas about how those needs might be met, using a real life example (before we forget what happened that evening). This is a next step in exploring the brainstorm ideas

  • Develop a group of "assistants" who would be gathered over time to give support at the event.
  • More “assistants” than “participants” at workshop, as Heart of Now has.
  • Series of mini-intros to build up assistant skills

existing working groups

7:40 Confirm or update this proposed list of existing working groups, perhaps add members

  • Vision for fall/winter workshop: Mark R, Sharon, Linnaea
  • Vision for “Spreading NVC in Eugene” group: Mark R, Sharon, Linnaea
  • Wiki: John (“John will create two wiki pages, send URL to us, and be available for phone support for those who need it.”)
  • Trainers: Sparrow (“Sparrow will pull together a list of trainers, available from Angel at CNVC; list to be shared prior to and brought to next meeting.”)
  • Timeline?: Linnaea? (“Linnaea will ask Pat Butea (sp?) if she has a timeline for 6 month advance workshop planning.”)

new working groups

7:50 set up new working groups (Purpose: for folks who want teamwork and progress between meetings to have clarity about who wants to have input on what.)

  • working group interested in facilitating an assistant team for a series of NVC intros and workshops
  • Is anyone interested in forming a working group to improve the newsletter / mailing list/new-people-email-greeting process?
  • Fun at meetings working group


This content goes along with an idea that before the next meeting working groups (as many as are ready to) post proposals on the wiki (hoping to meet needs for broad participation and preparation), and that during the next meeting we try out the sociocracy consent process to get clarity about whether the group supports those proposals (hoping to meet needs for clarity, learning, connection, and teamwork, and preparing to meet needs for efficiency, feedback, and celebration).

A temporary definition of “proposal” could be: One to four sentences that give this information:

  • What’s proposed to be done.
  • Who’s agreed to do it.
  • When they’ve agreed to do it.
  • What needs the working group hopes this action will meet.
  • When and how the Spreading NVC Group will get (and give) feedback about what needs were met and not met by this action.

This definition might meet needs for clarity, connection, feedback and learning.