Proposed CONTENT for July 25 Spreading NVC meeting

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CONTENT proposals for July 25 meeting:

Hear what the site committee discovered.

Use sociocracy process to reach consent on a proposal:

  • Perhaps a proposal about workshop site and date.
  • Perhaps John's proposal re: workshop content.
  • Perhaps a proposal about whether we want one or more additional people in the trainer role, and if so who.

Anything else we need clarity about before John leaves for his August travels? Timeline?

Is this workshop part of a series of workshops or intros? If so, will any other parts of the series happen in the next 6 months (Aug-Feb)? Did Linnaea get that 6-month workshop planning timeline she suggested we use?

  • Short notes about July 14 meeting:

We agreed to plan for a workshop of 12-15 people.

We agreed to seek a low-cost overnite site: John, Linnaea and Sparrow will make calls.

We had a round about who’s interested in “Spreading NVC in Eugene” general organizing group; who’s interested in workshop planning; who’s interested in living NVC.

Meta asked if anyone wanted to be on a newsletter/mailing list/greeting committee; no one did right now. We did some empathy around that.