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You practice NVC... you've read a whole bunch of books. You've been able to attend a class or two. You have this nagging feeling that, while you can draw circles and arrows and illustrate all of the concepts, that your knowledge just isn't deep enough to practice. You'd like a practice group!

But lo, where can you find one? You know of that one over there, but they are full. You've gone to a class or two, but that's quite a drive away. Perhaps you have a couple of very young children and can't get out enough to connect and find people nearby. What do you do?

So... you go to this new site. You pop your zip code into the upper right-hand corner and click the button. Out pops a list of three practice groups. The first one has a particular focus... interesting, perhaps another time that would be more meaningful for you. The second one meets eight miles away and is looking for members!

So you click a button and up pops an edit box and in it you type, "Hey! Am I glad I found you. I've been looking for some practice group to deepend my NVC..."


There is no group which meets your needs. So you think, "Why don't I wait for other people?" You click a button, enter your details, and a couple months later, when four people are ready to practice, you start a group and meet in the Starbucks down the street.

Discussion (and Stuff)

See response in discussion area.

So that's the idea. I've decided that I'm going to do it. I've also decided that I want this to be an very open and collaborative project, and that I want it to develop from rough prototype with non-working buttons to full-featured site supporting NVCers worldwide in a completely transparent, participative fasion. In other words, I'll code it and maintain it, but I don't want to own it.

At this point, I would enjoy feedback on:

  • The core idea: Does this meet any needs? Which ones? Does this leave any needs unmet? How?
  • Integration with other NVC sites? Any unmet needs around another site?
  • Would you use it?
  • Is there anything unclear in the above description?

Also, if anyone wants to work with me to build this site, sign below or contact me. Technical people and contributions are welcome, but I'd like to stress that my biggest need at the moment is finding the community to support with the site (making purpose concrete), and beginning dialog.


Mere seconds after writing this, I have found RFP. Any relationship? Perhaps.