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Below is a list of Needs that can be met by using and supporting free software (often called "open source" software, though these terms make a difference). You are invited to add items and comments.

  • Freedom - four kinds of
  • Collaboration - people work together to build free software.
  • No additional cost per installation, so it can be shared freely.
  • Equality - more computers can run typical free software than can run typical commercial software.
  • Internationality - most free software has multiple language support.
  • Openness - there is no secret code in free software.
  • Understanding/Learning - how software does, what it does. (At least for programmers)
  • Safety and Trust - because there are no secrets, it's easier to trust developers. Safety, because there are often many programmers watching for and fixing security wholes.
  • Financial ease - most free software is free (not only as in "free speech" but also as in "free beer").
  • Evolutionary creativity - new features can be added or requested by anyone.
  • Community and mutuality - it's fun to contribute.
  • Cooperation (power with) - everyone's needs matter more equally.
  • Stimulation - free software is only limited by our ability to dream and contribute.


  • I am scared of OSS being difficult to learn and use.
  • I was too, but found out that some OSS is easier than some commercial.