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The proposed invitation to be sent out to attendees of the 2006 conference:

Dear Compassion In Action Conference Attendees and others who have requested to be notified,

Are you interested in knowing about future NVC USA activities? If so, this is an invitation to join a low volume mailing list of announcements.

The purpose of the NVC USA Project is to support individuals, communities and networks in living and spreading Nonviolent Communication in the United States; and to have a positive influence on affairs in the United States and our interaction with the rest of the world.

The 2006 NVC-USA Compassion In Action Conference in Oakland was said to meet many needs for many attendees. We learned much from the evaluations and from verbal feedback. The conference started a number of conversations. Some have continued, some faded, and some are beginning again. Little has been heard from the organizers over the year, and now activity is starting up for a conference in 2008.

If you are interested in hearing more about plans for the conference, as well as other announcements relating to efforts of the NVC US Project, please join this low volume announcements-only mailing by clicking "Join this group!" below.

The NVC-USA-Project-Announcement group is a subscription only email list through Yahoo. Joining this group does not involve anything on your part besides receiving our announcements. Only people who choose to join this group will receive the announcements we send out by email. We envision sending out such announcements only occasionally, say once a quarter or once a month likely at most as we approach the conference in 2008.

NVC USA Project Team

2006 Compassion In Action Conference


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Yahoo group mail list for email discussion

Announcements only (no discussion) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NVC-USA-Project-Announce/

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