NVC USA Meeting 10 Mar 2007

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4-5:30pm PST (begins 5pm Mountain, 6pm Central, 7pm East) Phone 712-580-7700, conference code: 682872 (NVCUSA)


    Attendance: Rick, Lisa
      This was a meeting of much juice, richness and excitement.
      • Rick's trust in ebb and flow and manifestation or NVC growth and fruition
      • Excitement around the possibilities of the NVC Trainer Support Organization, and movement
      • Rick's living NVC in rich learning exchange between teachers and students, embracing political differences, creating shared value placards and bringing the life of NVC to war protestors, and the initial formation of NVC energy in Pittsburg
      • Lisa's longing for NVC community members to have commitment to living NVC through embracing conflict/tension between themselves as opportunities, and working it through to live peace making, healing and organic solutions, and taking the opportunity, herself, to commit to such transparency and commitment within co-facilitation and one-on-one relationships {one of which blossomed, through commitment to and use of NVC, into warmth/friendship from a beginning of grating and tension}
      • Reminder: wanting what we do to come from what we're passionate about and have energy for
      • Update on last meeting's topics and todos - NVC USA Meeting 18 Feb 2007
        • 2008 Conference
          • proposed focus on services/coordination
          • TOM - draft an First 2008 Conference Email to past Compassion in Action participants, asking for interest in hosting or co-hosting the next conference (quotes on needs met requested from John, all and BayNVC quotes via Rick) (feedback from John, all)
            • Rick is connecting with Ike Lancaster on Midwest location possibility
          • identify lead facilitator of USA NVC Project Conference Circle, with a link to the USA NVC Project Circle
        • NVC Brand Marketing
          • LISA - email GCC/Jori and Jim about contacts/juice/activity on this
            • CNVC Board & Leadership Meeting established a functional leader position for a Media Group {to get NVC more well known}. The position not yet filled. Requests preparation of a proposal and Media Circle candidates' suggestions.
          • under the proposed NVC Trainers Support Organization or under GCC above language circles?
        • Teleconference Call Invitation re areas of interest in NVC projects and support and companionship for those endeavors
          • RICK - follow up on emails sent out over the last 6 months to find out who is interested in leading subprojects
          • RICK - draft of email to 06 conference attendees (feedback from John, all)
        • Activist NVC Work
          • JOHN - outreach - Social Change list, other ways, for one or more people to work with on building a directory/network of people engaged in activist/social change work with NVC consciousness
        • NVC Trainer Support Organization {TSO}
          • RICK - networking on NVC Trainer Support Organization
            • networking with Ike Lancaster, Robert Gonzales and Jim Hussey, and finding enthusiasm and some time/energy limitations
            • Lisa has juice for this!
          Previously Tabled Topics:
        • Develop strategies for resolving conflict within the NVC community
          • Seems to fall under NVC TSO
          • Lisa has juice for this
        • Encouraging development of local NVC mediation
        • US in relation to the rest of the world, and influencing it through NVC consciousness and action (actually, this is in part what i'm addressing --John)
        • Spreading NVC in the US (connecting NVC communities to other NVC communities; supporting birth and growth of NVC communities)
        • Requests for funding from participants with projects who voiced such desires from participation in the Compassion in Action conference
        • IT Report
        • Bring NVC from the private, actively into the public. Kit mentioned this desire.
        • Next meeting