NVC Research November 07 Meeting

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NVC Research Group:Teleconference Nov 9, 2007, Noon->1:00 pm PST

Meeting notes

John Mudie is retired and has a Ph.D. from Cambridge with a background in geophysics. He participated in the paradigm shift re: Plate Tectonics years ago and is excited about a similar shift that he senses re: social shift towards Partnership Paradigm. John expressed considerable frustration over the lack of academic research to support NVC. He would like to contribute towards research development to help others see the value of NVC as well as to validate his own positive experiences with NVC practice.

Suzanne Jones is a Communications Master's student at San Diego State University. She has done a small independent study, focussed on a Nonviolent Communication workshop, during her undergraduate degree. She would like to test some of the concepts, and is finding that the professors in her department are continually challenging the NVC core concepts and inviting her to clarify definitions. Suzanne is currently drafting her thesis proposal, asking: "Does a domination style of teaching impede learning?" Marion suggested that she also consider the inverse while undertaking her research (Does a partnership paradigm style of teaching enrich learning?). Marion also recommended Rianne Eisler's book "Tomorrow's Children: A blueprint for partnership education in the 21st century". John asked if she had found interested faculty who would support her thesis development and research. She has spent the last year fostering relationships with several faculty members and a few have indicated interest in supporting NVC research.

Marion Little is a Dispute Resolution Master's student at the Universtity of Victoria, BC, Canada. She has just had the third draft of her findings chapter approved by her supervisor and is planning to complete the methodology revisions today. She is looking forward to editing the rest and writing a conclusion. Marion has been working on the NVC research project in Vancouver (grade 7 students), and the NVC research project in San Diego (grade 5 students). The Vancouver project is finished and the analysis is complete, the team is now looking for a peer reviewed journal to submit to for publication. The San Diego data analysis has been suspended while Marion completes her thesis and will be underway again in January 2008. Marion expects that they will have a report ready by the end of next summer (1 year later than expected). Suzanne and John asked a series of questions about all three projects and Marion provided answers where she could.

By the end of the call we were all feeling excited about contributing towards NVC research. Suzanne and Marion were both feeling re-charged and ready to dive back into their respective academic work.

Respectfully submitted by Marion Little.