NVC Research March 08 Meeting

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John Mudie Tom Caruzo Suzanne Jones Miriam Little


Discuss the purpose of the research group

Tom – created in 2004 as a professional group where people who are doing NVC research can talk with other researchers about sources, statistics, how to do statistics around their research. It’s kind of an NVC society where people can bring research ideas to the group. Tom wants to encourage everyone to get more publications out there. Publications help NVC and will also help the people writing them in a career or educational path.

John’s vision for he group – Wants to discuss how our brain functions react or interact with NVC? Wants the group to support people who want to do research and are isolated and need support. Wants to put his Jackal U proposal out there as a resource to researchers Wants to hear more ideas about how to measure giraffe behavior.

Miriam: Would like to see the creation of an NVC Academic Journal – peer reviewed – She likes that NVC is being researched NVC within already existing institutions - demonstrates that NVC can be used in everyday life. She wants to support more of that. Everyone could bring to the group other work that my support NVC research

Discuss JM Jackal U A university specializing in NVC. Award JU degrees to people who have published papers.

Parallel university that demonstrates to your NVC peers your contribution and knowledge about NVC.

Wants to publish an academic-style journal with NVC info.

Report on Miriam’s research process

Three research studies that are finished or coming to an end:

Two Vancouver research projects – 7th graders were taught NVC skills once a week for 45 minutes. 2 classes of approximately 24 students each – one was a control group. Then students’ comprehension of NVC skills, affect regarding the NVC work, and behaviors were assessed by the Self-Other Inventory, the School Climate Survey, A Skill Comprehension test. Personal interviews were also done with 13 students. Results were positive. The findings are now ready for publication.

Miriam’s thesis at the University of Vancouver – teaching NVC skills to at-risk teenage mothers. Results were positive. She will be defending the thesis soon.

The Perkins School NVC research study in San Diego, CA. 3 classes of 5th graders – 2 clsses were taught NVC skills 45 minutes per week for six months – one group was the control group. Then students’ were tested by use of the above surveys, as well as some additional surveys. Personal interviews were also done with some of the students. Andrea Nash, who has completed a research study regarding teaching NVC skills staff at a major US university is currently conducting a quantitative data analysis for her study and the SD Perkins School study. Miriam will do a qualitative analysis of the Perkins school students who were interviewed.