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cell ph: +372 555 18652



address: Kauna 1-11, Tallinn, 10138 Estonia


I live in tiny piece of land called Estonia (Eestimaa) on the East coast of Baltic sea. I love this piece of land - wild nature, forest, sea, tiny islands, long and curvy coastline, stones and very few people walking around >;) There are about 1,3 millions native inhabitants on this country who speak Estonian language that belongs to Fenno Ugrian language group. Our ancestors have been living on this piece of land 10 thousands of years! I really celebrate that this lifetime I have chosen to be born here!

I am born in 1965 and today I am a mother of two grown up persons and grandmother of one little girl!

I met NVC in 2002 summer and fell in love with this way of living at the very first moment! As well as with trainers importing NVC to Estonia - Liv Larsson & Kay Rung (from Northern Sweden) who are today my great friends, teachers and inspirers!

I have been sharing NVC since my very first 3-days course with Liv & Kay and since 2005 this has become my main source of income as well as inspiration and passion!

I am first and so far only certifyed NVC trainer in my country and it is time to time quite lonely and hard! 'I would love to meet people who are having passion and willingness to put their time and energy into creating collaboration over years!

My main areas of interests are parenting, close relationships, life serving organisations and integration between minority and majority groups (specificaly russian speaking and estonian speaking people in my country).