Marshall's relationship with CNVC

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Marshall Rosenberg
1816 Dietz Loop
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107

Dear GCC Members,
As discussed with the GCC President and CNVC Executive Director, I confirm that my previous agreement with CNVC terminated with no renewal as of July 26, 2006. This letter serves to provide notice of my intention to continue my relationship with CNVC. I am excited regarding the opportunity for the GCC and me to revise my role with CNVC from one of employee to one of consultant.

Witnessing the evolution CNVC is experiencing, I have been giving thought to how I best see my role in relation to the organization. I am developing a plan which I believe would better serve both the needs of CNVC and my own needs. As noted above, I would like to transform my relationship with CNVC from that of employee to that of a consultant. I will be providing a detailed proposal regarding the new consulting relationship with CNVC prior to the October face to face meeting in Atlanta.

I note that termination of our prior Agreement gives me the right to use, reproduce, prepare, manufacture, sell, and/or distribute the Works and Derivative Works throughout the world. I want to clarify that as of expiration of the Agreement I hold all rights to "The Works" as outlined in the Agreement (Sec. 19 & 27), and the right to use the trademarks in my work independent of CNVC in my new relationship as consultant.

As my intention is to continue and to redefine my relationship with CNVC, during this transition period the Center shall have my authorization to continue to distribute, sell or otherwise dispose of works as described under the agreement. Further, the financial relationship will remain the same during this transitional period. It is my intention that trainings and other agreements between CNVC and myself will be performed as agreed during this transitional period, to the extent possible in harmony with everyone's needs.

I look forward to discussing my detailed proposal with the GCC and invite the GCC to submit any thoughts regarding my new consulting role to me so that I may review and possibly incorporate such thoughts into my proposal. I request time be allocated at the next face-to-face GCC meeting to further clarify these issues.

I also request that we reserve this letter and discussion of it to GCC members until the October meeting, in the hope that might maintain ease for the network.