LT Minutes - November 15, 2006 Meeting

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Present: Marshall and Valentina Rosenberg, John and Anne Wiley, Jori and Jim Manske, Stephen Wisbauer, Danielle Beenders, Katherine Singer, Barbara Rinaldi and Sartaj Alag.

The LT will meet again on Friday December 8 at 11AM PST.

Next board meeting December 13th, 8am PST (Jori's B-day)

Barbara has ideas on how and what is discussed at LT meetings and board meetings. LT and Board meetings are different. The By laws tell us when the Board meetings happen etc.

There will be board meetings, LT meetings and one-on-one calls.

Barbara recommendation for LT meetings: Biweekly meetings for 90 min. same format every time.

Meeting Owner/ facilitator: Valentina

Time keeper:

All leaders there:

Purpose: all leaders have time to give updates on their responsibilities.

Template: progress, guidance, requests to further progress. And next steps they plan.

10-12 min. all have this ready to go on the call.

We need clarity on what/ which leaders are responsible for (what); these meetings can bring that clarity.

Barbara will email us a template on what the update structure looks like. It provides a consistent format. Information is coming from all leaders in the same format. It makes it clear who is the owner of the topic so it is clear who to go to for a certain topic.

The template can also be used as an email to the LT group so we can read the update before hand.

Rest of the meeting: new topics, an owner will bring the topic.

She sees 10 topics that are alive right now. One meeting could be Strategies and Operation, other meeting .

Barbara will email us a more detailed report on this.

Discussion: The issue of regular meetings has not yet been decided.

Stefan would like to meet one a week. Likes check in to be at least 30 min.

Barbara is not sure what would be reported on. There is a lot that needs to be talked about. So we may need more meetings.

Valentina: enjoys talking to all would like to meet every week. Is concerned that they will not be able to do this every week because of their schedule.

Jori: suggested we just try one of the formats.

Check out:

John: (left early) Appreciate everyone's contributions and Barbara's help with organizing. Hopeful and excited, wish all a happy holiday.

Valentina: grateful for all we shared today, for the openness I felt. Confident for all concerned. I am celebrating I am with my family and manifest all this at the same time. Katherine bravo to what you created in a week. (tv-show?)

Marshall: grateful for all that make these meetings productive.

Jori: I am glad we had this meeting, hopeful as we move forward, and having a structure we create that will hold us.

Jim: hopeful, pleased, frustrated it took a lot of time, look forward to and excited to have a meeting set up.

Stefan. I want to get to content. I feel concerned and sad I wonder if we are taking this serious enough by meeting only biweekly.

Katherine: thank you Barbara for helping us with the structure so we can move forward in a more meaningful way.

Barbara: I look forward to one-on-one meetings with all of you so we can work on the mission.

Danielle: open, curious and hopeful we will stay connected.