LT Minutes - December 8, 2006 Meeting

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Attending: John Wiley, Jori and Jim Manske, Danielle Beenders, Katherine Singer (joined half way), Stephen Wisbauer and Anne Wiley (joined the check out).

Observers: John Buck and Barbara Rinaldi (left half way).

The LT will meet again: Friday., Dec. 22: 11am PT, 2pm ET, 8pm GMT, 5am Seoul

Next board meeting NOTE NEW TIME: Thurs., Dec. 14: 1:30:00 GMT, 10:30AM Seoul, 7:00AM Pune, Wed. Dec 13 5:30PM PT

Discussion on Barbara's LT structure proposal.

DECISION: LT will try it out a the next meeting and have a 15 minute review discussion on what worked and did not work during the meeting.

Who is on the legal board? Based on the notes of the October 21-25 meeting the following people are on the Board for a 6 month term (starting October): Marshall & Valentina Rosenberg, John Wiley (President), Stefan Wisbauer (Vice-president, Secretary) Katherine Singer (Treasurer) Jori Manske (Executive Director)

John Buck advises to have outsiders on this board.

DECISION: Add IT coordinator to the LT for 6 months with selection process at the Board meeting.

Agenda items for the next board meeting:

  • Who is on the board?
  • Have sociocratic selections for leaders on the LT including IT, Media, Fundraising, Administration and Training coordinators.

Jori: Thrilled, sense of movement can happen when I got in touch with being able to make a proposal. Happy we all were here to do this. John Wiley thank you for facilitating; it is gift to me.

John Buck: I called in to get reconnect. I look forward to the use of the new format. I would like more clarity on the organizational model.

Danielle: Excited about how sociocracy gives us the tool to move things forward by being able to make a proposal.

Jim: Happy for the sense of movement and flow.

Anne: just got here a couple minutes ago. I hear celebration and am curious to find out what it is about. Blessings to all.

John W: I am glad to have John Buck on the call. Thank you for your contributions John. Celebrating Jori & Jim for holding the organization. Thank you for your contributions. I am so happy to participate in this organization. Happy to dance with you all.

Katherine: I just woke up when I joined the call. Dealing with visa for India. Thank you Jori and Jim for all your work.

Stefan: Hi, glad to hear your voices, I got confused did not know the call was happening.