LT Minutes - December 22, 2006

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Attending: John Wiley, Jori and Jim Manske, Absent: Danielle Beenders, Katherine Singer, Stephen Wisbauer, Marshall and Valentina Rosenberg, William Poehner, and Anne Wiley.

Observers: None.

The LT will meet again: Friday.,Jauary 5, 2007: 11am PT, 2pm ET, 8pm GMT, 5am Seoul

An abbreviated meeting was held for approximately 30 minutes.

The only item discussed was a proposal for the GCC to nominate a participant to the LT. The agenda item was tabled until the next LT meeting for further consideration.

Jim brought the proposal to the LT on the recommendation of John Buck. During a phone meeting with John Buck, Jim heard John say that he thought it was important to have a GCC "down-link" to participate in LT meetings for inclusion, stability and clarity. He urged the LT to have such a member as soon as possible.

He recommends utilizing the existing GCC as the pool to draw from for a potential representative. During the meeting discussion about this, concern was expressed regarding the lack of clarity discussed during the October Conference. Using the term "participant" rather than "representative" might clarify the needs met by having the GCC nominate someone to the LT.

The GCC, in John Buck's view, consists of the appointed members (Dominic, Eva, Father Chris, Lucy Leu, Ron Ngata, Kumarjeev, Aniruddha), the elected representatives (Anne Bouritt (French speaking), Laura Liliom, (Eastern Europe), Kirsten Kristensen (Nordic/Baltic)) and the functional leaders (upward-link to the LT), Jim and Jori. (Note: there are currently no representatives from ENACC, as Jeff Brown has resigned, or SEAsia/Oceania; additionally, the UK group would like to elect a representative.) John further states that the Planning Team (currently in formation within the GCC) be seen as a part of the GCC, not the GCC.

John Buck explained that a representative to the LT elected by the GCC would become a member of the LT only after a consent process by the LT. During the meeting discussion about this, needs were identified for more clarity before moving forward on requesting nomination of an LT participant by the GCC. This topic has been added to the draft agenda for the next LT meeting.