LT Minutes & Agenda - January 5, 2007 Meeting

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LT Minutes - January 5, 2007 Meeting

Members present: Marshall and Valentine Rosenberg, John Wiley, Jori and Jim Manske, Katherine Singer, Danielle Beenders and William Poehner.
Members not present: Anne Wiley and Stephen Wisbauer.

The LT will meet again on Friday January 19, 12PM PST, 1AM MT.

Next board meeting January 10, 8PM GMT (London), 2PM EST (New York), 11AM PST (Los Angeles).
January 11, 5AM (Seoul).

Jori is putting together an entrepreneurial application that is open for comments. Contact her if you are willing.

Update on origination restructuring review:
Valentina and Marshall would like to see us focus on Global transformation (Social Change), beyond a focus on personal healing.

There are 5 main program areas we offer within this overall focus on Social Change: Restorative Justice, Education, Government, Personal Liberation and Health, and Economics & Business. Media might be considered both a 6th program area for Social Change, and a tool in support of all the other program areas. We need some synergy connections for all of these programs. We could request all trainers to clarify which program they want to focus their contributions on.

The concept of Social change is now being presented earlier in trainings Marshall gives around the world, and has been more fully integrated in ways that participants have embraced. This explicit introduction to and inclusion of Social Change in NVC training has proven helpful in more quickly stimulating giraffe consciousness in participants.

Marshall wants to make sure that we get clarity and collaboration within and between media groups and synergy groups. He would like clarity with the circles regarding our common goals. He would like to set up structures. He would like for Circles that want to get involved to be clear with the LT that they are not conflicting with other groups. So there could be a contact person to coordinate this. Trainers would coordinate with local circles before they set up a training. Some of this is already in the trainer renewal.

Discussion of GCC circle organization:
The set up is now that there are language groups and the geographic groups within each of those language groups. Marshall wondered whether it would work well to reverse that, so geographic areas would be divided by language. Jori reported that this had been discussed in the GCC, and a term was set to experiment with the current organizing principle. The main advantage seen is that people seem to connect first by language, and then collaborate between languages within geographic areas.

Leadership positions:
Media coordinator: Marshall mentioned Pierre Pirot as a possibility, and would like him to be part of a team. Others agreed that a team approach to this might be effective, and further discussion is needed. Jori mentioned someone who was suggested by Gary Baran. We may need help with north America media. Europe and USA (and other regions) would probably need different strategies and leaders. There was some discussion of considering a media agent and/or publicist, particularly for North America. The question arose of whether any or all of these would be paid or volunteer positions.

Decision: we review the responsibilities of the positions and have further discussion in ABQ and revisit this item in the next meeting.

GCC participant on LT:
The LT team is not ready to have a GCC link nominated to join the LT. Maybe later. We would like to have more clarity on the nominee selection process and role(s) of such a "double-linking" participant on the LT. We discussed the differences between an elected or selected "representative" and nomination of a "participant." The latter might better serve the needs of double-linking, since that person's focus would be on contributing to the work of and meeting the needs of the LT rather than representing the needs of the GCC.

Check out:
John: Happy about the clarity we all got, and looking forward to moving forward together in developing strategies and expanding the LT team.

Jori: Feel amused, with all the acronyms we used. Thankful for getting more clarity it is very invigoration.

Jim: Content, I was missing connection, glad to have it back. Nurses me to get connected. My need for connection and community is met.

Valentina: Feeling alive, empathic connection with all our hearts, I feel the divine connection guiding us. Celebrating the connection, I missed you all. I appreciate the feedback and support. Happy new year.

Marshall: Still "confused" as to were I am (Switzerland or ABQ because of the 18 inches of snow), I enjoyed the meeting.

Danielle: Happy new year, glad to be back, connecting with you is important to me.

William: Tired, really enjoyed the connection and clarity. This was my first meeting as an LT member. I enjoyed it.

Katherine: Enjoying the community growth in Korea. More people want to get certification, like to get more clarity. Some sadness around not having more time with friends in USA.


Agenda items carried forward

  • Leadership positions (Jori)
  • Consultants (Valentina)
  • Certification (Katherine)
  • Planning February Board Conference
  • Valentina proposal
  • Clarifying differences between board and LT
  • Jim and Jori reimbursement proposal
  • Who will be at the February Board Conference

LT Agenda - January 5 Meeting

PT: Jan. 5, 2007 at noon US PT -1pm US MT - 8pm London (GMT),
Seoul: Jan.6 at 5am
Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 580-0600
Participant Access Code: 432094#
6 for MUTE caller controlled muting
  • Update on organization restructuring review (M&V).
  • Nominations for LT positions (Jori).
  • Invitation for GCC to nominate a participant to the LT (Jim).

Carried forward for next meeting:

  • We will explore role definitions and possible recruitment options for LT Positions.
  • Role of Sociocracy and John Buck in CNVC (Valentina).
  • Role and funding of Barbara & Sartaj (Valentina).
  • What kind of special consulting we need (MBR).