LT Minutes & Agenda - January 19, 2007 Meeting

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LT Minutes - January 19, 2007 Meeting

Attending: John & Anne Wiley, Jori & Jim Manske, Danielle Beenders, William Poehner, and Stefan Wisbauer. Observers: Shantigarbha, (UK) Glenda Mattinson (Canada).

Next meeting: Phone meeting beginning of February and/or Face to face in Albuquerque February 25 – March 01, 2007.


Have the LT/ board meeting and accommodations at the Spiritual renewal center.


We will try to set up a phone LT meeting including Marshall & Valentina before the Conference meeting in ABQ. If a phone meeting before the Conference is not possible we will see if there are enough agenda items not requiring Valentina and Marshall, to warrant having a phone LT meeting without them before the Conference.

Jori offered to explore phone meeting dates with Valentina while they are at the Special Session and let us know.

Check out

  • Glenda: appreciate being here and enjoyed watching the decision making process.
  • Shantigarbha: watched the same things happen in the UK calls. Look forward to seeing what happens.
  • Danielle: celebration decisions made. Was short and productive.
  • Jori: looking for my son on the airport. Glad meeting is short.
  • William: glad the meeting was short. I confess I did some multi-tasking. Happy with the connection. I got a lot done.
  • Stefan: glad to have Shantigarbha on the call.
  • Anne: big smile on my face to hear Jori look for her son.
  • John: enjoy the connection and look forward to seeing you all in ABQ. I hope to have a call before then. Enjoyed our flexibility in the dance; 1 hr before the call we changed the agenda 180 degrees. Hope to get more clarity on the Conference agenda before the meeting. Glad to have observers, glad we'll review that policy. Appreciate the grace I experienced in the observers when they offered to leave or stay if we wanted that. I value the connection Observers provide with the network. Thanks for being on the call.

LT Agenda - January 19 Meeting

US PT: 12 noon, Friday, Jan. 19, 2007 - US MT: 1pm - London (GMT): 8pm
Seoul: 5am, Saturday, Jan. 20, 2007
Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 580-0600
Participant Access Code: 432094#
6 for MUTE caller controlled muting


Note: Due to an urgent need, Valentina and Marshall will not be attending. Proposed changes to the proposed agenda and timing are indicated below.
  • 12:00 PT - Check-in (10 minutes).
  • 12:10 - Adjustments to agenda, Announcements (5 min.).
  • 12:15 - Relocation of Feb. Conference to Retreat Center (Jori, 10 min.).
  • 12:25 - Whether to have LT Meeting before Conference (John, 15 min.).
  • 12:40 - Check-out (15 min.).
Tabled agenda items:
  • - Role definitions and recruitment options for LT Positions (Jori, 20 min.).
  • - Observer Policy for LT meetings (John, 15 min.).
  • - Jori & Jim compensation package review and decision (Jim, 15 min.).
  • - Update on organization restructuring review (Marshall & Valentina, 15 min.).
  • - What kind of special consulting we need and how to fund it (Marshall, 10 min.).
  • - Role and funding of Sociocracy and John Buck in CNVC (Valentina, 10 min.).
  • - Role and funding of Barbara & Sartaj in CNVC (Valentina, 10 min.).