LT Minutes & Agenda - February 5, 2007 Meeting

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LT Minutes - February 5, 2007 Meeting

Attending: John Wiley, Stephen Wisbauer, Jori and Jim Manske, Danielle Beenders and William Poehner.

Next scheduled meeting is Conference starting Sunday February 25, 8:00 AM in Albuquerque NM.

  • Deliverables at the face to face meeting, the group would like to address:
  1. 'functioning': sociocratic; autocratic; etc, 'style'. Clarity which decisions made by what method and by whom.
  2. management team 'setup': clarity in relation to roles already delineated.
  3. strategic detailing (priority & how / who/ resources): know how will we fulfill strategic priotities, next steps and plan.
  4. financial plan: self-finance vs. invest / consequences/ outcomes.
  • Discussion around the process since the October 2006 face-to-face meeting:
  1. appreciation for the patience.
  2. needs for clarity.
  3. request: we all bring proposals to the meeting in the OFNR format.
  4. feedback from consultants.
  • Discussion around the observers' presence at LT meetings: There were strong concerns for both keeping LT meetings open or closed for observers. After discussion everyone seemed to move toward unanimous support of open meetings unless privacy is needed for a particular issue.


Jori agreed to send out an email to the LT group with the proposal that the LT follow the Board policy concerning observers:

"Policy 1.B.1.a. The board shall welcome observers to its meetings; inform observers of the role of the Board would like the observers to play; and to check whether observers are willing to agree with the Board's requests after they have heard the Board's needs for connection, safety, efficiency and clarity."

Check out

  • Stefan: thank you all, I am glad we are on the same page and to have more clarity in whether I will come to the meeting or not.
  • William: I feel a sense of peace and joy when I think of the job we have embarked. Rebuild an international organization and at the same time attempt to hold the NVC consciousness. This is a historical event that the world would benefit greatly from and I see our transparency at it's peak of importance. We're doing it, and its tough and we're growing!
  • Danielle: I am happy to support and help in anyway I can.
  • Jim: I have a lot of hope around the face to face meeting.
  • Jori: glad to have a team for feedback.
  • John: I celebrate the consciousness, flexibility and commitment in this group.

LT Agenda - Feb.5, 2007 Meeting

Monday 5 Feb, 6pm London time, 10 am Pacific Time

  • 10am - Check-in (30 min).
  • 10:30 - Discussion of desired deliverables / outputs for the Conference (Stefan, 10 min.).
·Suggest including draft strategic plans in key priority areas at next level of detail.
  • 10:40 - Discussion of process (John, 10 min.).
  • 10:50 - Observer Policy for LT meetings (John, 15 min.).
  • 11:05 - Trainer commission policy (Jori, 15 min.).
  • 11:20 - Office changes (Jim 10 min.).
  • 11:30 - Check-out (10 min.).
  • Tabled - Role definitions and recruitment options for LT Positions (Jori, 20 min.).
  • Tabled - Update on organization restructuring review (Marshall & Valentina, 15 min.).
  • Tabled - What kind of special consulting we need and how to fund it (Marshall, 10 min.).
  • Tabled - Role and funding of Sociocracy and John Buck in CNVC (Valentina, 10 min.).
  • Tabled - Role and funding of Barbara & Sartaj in CNVC (Valentina, 10 min.).