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We have set up some instant messaging chat rooms where people NVC practitoners can connect live, in real time. These rooms can bring people together whether they are using Yahoo, AIM or MSN/Live, and we are working to add Skype as soon as possible.

To join any of these, add the group name as a user in your instant messenging program, then send a message to that group. So for example, to join NVCpracticing add the user NVCpracticing to your buddy list, then send a message to NVCpracticing that simply says "add me NVCpracticing". If the administrator is online, he will add you immediately. In any case, you will be added within 24 hours.

  • NVCww - World Wide general NVC talk
  • NVCpracticing - Practice NVC
  • NVCexchange - NVC support each other
  • NVCsmart - Ask and answer NVC questions
  • NVCparenting - NVC parenting
  • NVCinbusiness - NVC in business
  • NVCeducation - NVC in education
  • NVCsocialchange - NVC and social change

If you have any questions or want help, feel free to ask in any of these ways:

  • E-mail:
  • AIM/Yahoo: NVCtalk
  • MSN/Live
  • Skype: NVCtalk


To: Group owner

Subject: Facilitating NVC instant messages network for (group name).

We are facilitating new means of communicating and collaboration for NVC interest groups, which utilizes instant messengers or web interface to send and receive instant messages to the group members.

We would like to ask your permission to invite your group members to join and use this, please see more details and email of invention attached below.

Special IM group will be added for (group name).

We look forward to your feedback and questions.


Noam - NVCtalk team.

To: Group members

Subject: Connect with others who share your passion for NVC via instant messages or voice.


We would like to invite you to join a new exciting way to connect and collaborate live with the NVC community in your region and worldwide using the messenger you already use or if you don't, then using the web.

You can use either text or voice to communicate.

Text instant messaging allows you to quickly exchange messages with your online network. It is as simple as e-mail but unlike e-mail, instant messages appear as soon they`re sent, which makes the conversation alive.

Using voice enables you to connect in a different level.

We hope this will meet your needs and you will give it a try, you can leave at any time. If it doesn't, it would be of great value to us, if you let us know what needs of yours are not met.

The purpose is to contribute to:

  • Social and professional NVC connections.
  • A shared place to learn and develop NVC skills.
  • A safe place to look for and offer support.
  • Brainstorming your issue instantly.

Some of the instant messaging groups are:

  • NVC by Country/Region/City
  • NVC Practice
  • NVC Questions
  • NVC Support
  • NVC Parenting
  • NVC Trainers
  • NVC Business
  • NVC Education
  • NVC Free and paid online training
  • We are happy to support anyone who would like to start an additional group.

You can also choose to to join a group's happy hour - an online gathering at a designated time of the week.

This meets our needs for connection, community and contributing to other's well-being.

To join without a messenger, add nvctalk at (replace "at" with @) to your email contact list (to avoid email filtering) and send an email asking for web access instructions, which are very very simple.

To join with your messenger:

1. Add a user to the contact list in your preferred messenger:

  • For AIM/Yahoo/Skype add "NVCtalk"
  • For MSN/Live add "NVCtalk at" (replace "at" with @)
  • Other messengers are available just ask.

2. Send a message "add me" to the new user, if you don't get a response within 24 hours, send us email.

If you have any questions, we'll be happy answer.


NVC talk team