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The Feedback Coordinator & Feedback Project (Draft)


The goal of the Feedback Coordinator is to create an information loop between the ITC and the Feedback team. The information will support the ITC in consenting on strategies that will support the development of an easy to use Internet community system.

The Feedback Team

The feedback team will consist of a diverse team of individuals that represent the different roles of users that interact with the NVC network. The initial team will consist of four categories of users and may expand as needed.

Group Provides
Local Supporters & Non-PC Users Feedback on overall ease of use
Technical Users Feedback and recommendations on security issues and overall ease of use
CNVC Office Staff Feedback on Contact Relational Management and overall ease of use
Certified Trainers & Event Organizers Feedback on Trainer Group functionality (Previously known as “InsideCNVC”), Trainer course posting, IIT functionality

Data Collection

Feedback Coordinator will gather poll questions and forum discussion topics from the NVC community and post them on the following location. Any and all members are welcome to submit poll questions and discussion topics.

Data Collecting & Summarizing

The Feedback Coordinator will gather and post poll results and summarized forum discussions. Two weeks after the team has had a chance to evaluate the site.

Feedback Coordinator Task & Time Line

Date Activity
March 6, 2007 Post Poll Questions and Discussion Topics
March 19,2007 Send Email invitation to feedback team candidates
March 23,2007 Feedback team begins evaluating CNVC Alpha Site
April 6, 2007 Collect poll results and summarize forum discussion topics
April 9, 2007 Post Results on the NVC WIKI

Feedback Questions & Poll Recommendations

Feedback Results