Dominic Barter in Bordeaux

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CR.png RestorativeCircles

17, 18, 19 January 2014 in Bordeaux

Walking towards conflict — an introduction to Restorative Systems


  • Saturday 18 - An all-day introduction open to all
Discover and practise an alternative way of dealing with conflicts, in an interactive workshop
  • Sunday 19 - An all-day workshop for in-depth study and practise
Open to people who have been experimenting with Restorative Circles for some time.
Also open to Saturday’s participants.

Purpose and Method of this 3-day encounter

This encounter is a very special opportunity to give in-depth consideration both individually and collectively to the way we regard conflict and how we address it.


For practical information pertaining to this event (location, confirmation of your registration, details concerning attendance etc.) please turn to the following web page:

(en) Dominic Barter in Bordeaux
(fr) Dominic Barter à Bordeaux (regularly updated).