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This area created by John Wiley to update the network about the ongoing discussions.

9/12/06 Report to GCC

This letter was sent to the GCC ahead of the 9/13 meeting to provide background for the conference call. I'm sad at not having thought to make it available to the entire network.

From: John Wiley
Subject: Notes on E.D. Contract Extension Discussion
Date: 9/12/06

Draft Extension of Employment Agreement for Jori Manske as Interim E.D.

I have met with Jori and Jim Manske to clarify needs and develop a plan for extension of her leadership as interim Executive Director of CNVC. Following is an expansion of my notes from that meeting and some subsequent discussion, and a draft proposal for the modification and renewal of her agreement with CNVC. This may serve to supplement our report during tomorrow's meeting, and some of this summary may have already been replaced by other observations, feelings and needs by the time you read it.

First I'd like to note that throughout our discussion we frequently discussed the strong likelihood that the E.D. position could change dramatically, be renamed, or be eliminated. Nothing in this summary is intended to convey the impression that any extension would impede our ability to evolve new organizational or leadership arrangements. Rather, my hope is that we can continue as-is in a sustainable way while also actively considering other options and directions.

Needs Identified
A. For Jori and Jim:
1. Freedom to travel and/or work from their home in Albuquerque.
2. More time for connection and collaboration as a couple, with few if any long separations.
3. Contribution towards mediation, and towards supporting connection within the NVC network (e.g. upcoming trip to Belgium).
4. Clarity via continued dialog about location of office, but no attachment to outcome.
5. Continued support of growth of nonviolent consciousness.
6. Clarity about the viability of working outside the office by means of trying that during the coming weeks when they are in Europe, and possibly part-time in office after that with remainder of full-time hours performed off-site.
7. Flexibility to adapt and change her working structure as everyone's needs continue to become more clear.

An overall need we discussed is "sustainability" in the sense that Jori needs time off for family and herself. Living a balanced life would contribute toward her performance in the role of E.D.

B. For the NVC community:
1. Continuity of CNVC's role as currently performed by the office with leadership as now satisfactorily provided by Jori.
2. Flexibility of E.D. in leading CNVC office and working with GCC in adapting to any changes in strategies or structure.
3. Sustainability of the CNVC office and the global NVC community, to foster and support our mission.

My belief is that in the near term the service currently performed by Jori as interim E.D. is crucial to the stability and continued evolution and growth of CNVC, and that her work in building harmony within the network is a major contribution to our global mission.

Draft Proposal:
1. Experiment with and co-develop shifting toward an "officeless" role for Jori so she could work anywhere, with trips to the CNVC office as needed and/or periodically to maintain connection. One near-term strategy for further supporting Jori's officeless role might be the selection and training of an on-site Office Manager and/or Human Resources Director who could support Jori to continue the strengthening of efficiency and NVC consciousness and harmony in the CNVC office.

2. To support more mobility for Jori and more sustainability in her role, CNVC would provide limited travel expenses for Jim to accompany her on work-related trips. Her travel budget would enable them to maintain closeness when she attends GCC-mandated events or performs GCC-mandated duties such as mediation in the network.

Salary as currently agreed, with potential for eventual elimination of current expenses related to Jori and Jim's LA home. Addition of $900/month travel expenses for Jim to accompany Jori on official business trips including trips to/from Albuquerque. Thus far they have not used the budget monthly and when they have it has been considerably less.

Term: 1 year with a review at 6 months or upon request by either party. At the end of one year, a new proposal could be written that might include making Jori's role as E.D. "permanent" rather than "interim" with the understanding that in the spirit of NVC any agreement may be reviewed at any time.

I welcome and request feedback on this proposal by phone, email and/or in our September conference call. In that call I will propose that the existing contract be extended until our physical meeting in October, at which time a formal extension proposal would be on the agenda. This strategy would enable us to incorporate other changes and factors such as Marshall's contract expiration and Stefan's review of leadership and organizational issues.

John Wiley