August 2006 GCC Meeting Minutes

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CNVC Board/ GCC Minutes 16 August 2006



Jori Manske (ED), John Wiley (President), Stefan Wisbauer (Vice-President/ Secretary), Valentine Rosenberg, Godfrey Spencer, Danielle Beenders (minute taker and CNVC staff Rep) Liz Gay (S&EA/O Rep) and Jeff Brown (ENACC Rep). Absent: Katherine Singer (Treasurer)


John Buck


Jacob Gotwals (New Mexico, US), Meta Hough (Oregon, US), Jiva Manske (California & New Mexico, US), Jenna Siglock (CNVC office, California, US) and other unidentified listeners.


Acceptance of previous minutes & agenda.


Liz Gay and Jeff Brown are welcomed as members of the Board and the Board is now renamed the Global Coordinating Council (GCC). Jeff Brown was nominated by the English-speaking North America Coordinating Council (ENACC) through March 2007. Liz Gay will be Jeff's buddy for purposes of orienting him to the GCC.


We will designate key agenda items for attendance at the face-to-face meeting in Atlanta by speaker phone so that nominated and consented GCC members who cannot attend in person can participate in key decisions by phone.


The following will be posted on the website: Open source / copyrights
"Your contribution of making people aware of the work of Nonviolent Communicaiton is appreciated and can be a gift. All of the material on our website is available for public use. It can be downloaded reprinted and distributed freely. We request that you include "©The Center for Nonviolent Communication™" on any material copied, and give CNVC credit when using any quotes and ideas. We also request that on any printout you include our request for contributions that follows:

"We share our material freely and we appreciate donations. A contribution that reflects your appreciation of what we offer and the value you receive will be used to further the development and distribution of Nonviolent Communication. We hope that you will find enough value to want to support the work we are doing and those of us doing it. There is however no obligation regardless of how many copies you print or distribute unless you are using the information for profit. If you would like to use this information for profit, please contact us regarding licensing the material."


John Wiley will prepare a contract extension with Jori beyond October to be ratified at September GCC call.

Other Items:

Regarding the question of the GCC funding S&EA/O's participation:

  • Jori will share information on spend-level year-to-date to support GCC attendance.
  • Valentina and Jori will connect with Liz.
  • Stefan will circulate an update on the discussion by email on Monday.
Monday follow up: consent has since been achieved to authorize $1400 by CNVC.

Closing Round:


Meta: no comments.
Jiva Manske: found the process slow. Disappointed about time it took to get through the agenda. There was not time to present the point around accomplishments of CNVC projects - I guess next time. I enjoyed the commitment to using the NVC process in the meeting. Want to make us aware that there is a lot happening with GCC in every moment not only in this meeting or in the office, also outside at all time.

GCC members:

Stefan Wisbauer: Happy about all the accomplishments and openness in the group. I am looking forward to more communication.
Jori Manske: Moved by connection about the topic "funding S&EA/O rep". Disappointed not all the topics were addressed. Appreciate all being present.
John Buck: agenda was too tight; certain topics need to get more time scheduled. Hoping that this time will be there in the face-to-face meeting. Appreciate the honesty and integrity about how to spend resources.
Godfrey Spencer: inspired by all expressing what is alive in them. It shows the importance of having a face-to-face meeting.
Valentina Rosenberg: Appreciating and celebrating that all were in the heart. If the GCC cannot do it then how can others do it? What are we? Felt safe to share my truth. I am happy to have the NVC process in the Board not just the agenda points. It was valuable. Why are we here? I am glad we took the time to connect with our hearts.
Danielle Beenders: touched by all expressing from the heart. I like to share what is in my heart after hearing all this. I like the voices from the S&EA/O part of the world to be heard and would like the rep to be in the face-to-face meeting to voice their voices.
Liz Gay: Torn. Appreciated the time devoted to the topic. It it is important to look at this topic. I am looking forward to talking to Valentina. I am happy with the honesty that was expressed. Celebrating that Valentina mentioned feeling safe to express. I would like to acknowledge Stefan for wanting to contribute financially to my coming to the face-to-face meeting.
John Wiley: feeling appreciation and hope in my heart. Appreciation for the silences that were taken. It got me connected with myself. Hopeful that with support of each other we will find solutions. I would like to connect with Valentina and offer support.
Jeff Brown: rejuvenated, moved by what Liz and Valentina said. It somehow triggered the feeling of abundance. Excited and inspired about what this is all about.
General appreciation for John Buck's facilitation.

Next Meeting

  • Discuss critical choices and process options around the CNVC leadership process.
  • The meeting conference call will be open to the public.
  • Call Info:
28 August at 8am US Pacific Time, 5pm Central European Time
Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 580-0600
Participant Access Code: 432094#