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Networking and Community Building for Nonviolent Communication in the United States


Welcome. Here's an overview of the conference pages:

From the Compassion In Action Invitation:

You are enthusiastically invited to attend a 3 day residential gathering of Nonviolent Communication supporters (trainers, teachers and organizers) June 30 - July 2, 2006 at Mills College in Oakland, California. The focus of this gathering is to support the spread of NVC communities throughout the United States by enhancing community-building skills and connection among diverse people and values. We welcome NVC enthusiasts from anywhere to attend especially if you want to help support this focus.

From the Compassion in Action FAQ (frequently asked questions):

What, when and where is it?
Compassion In Action is a 3 day residential conference.
Friday, June 30 - Sunday, July 2, 2006 at Mills College in Oakland, California.
Room and board are included in the conference price.
Registration information.
more of the FAQ...

From the Compassion In Action Sessions:

Compassion In Action is an Open Space conference, so of course actual sessions will be decided by the participants at the conference itself. Given that, there are some sessions that current participants are presenting:
  • NVC Communities - struggles and lessons learned - Kit Miller
  • Parenting - Inbal Kashtan
  • Education - Sura Hart
  • more...

Registration page:

Format: Open Space

Questions? Please write:

We're excited to be using this wiki to organize our activities as a working group. If you would like to see what we are up to, and how our group is utilizing this wiki to organize the US Project, please take a look at Compassion In Action Planning.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there's a book by this title "Compassion in Action - Setting Out on the Path of Service" - [ISBN 051788500X]. Anyone read it?