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By the way here is the content of the email I wanted to send !

my dream is becoming a reality :)
The 26/11/2003, I sent an email titled "About [spiritual basis.en] [bases]".
Extract :

Bonjour Marshall, Kay, Gary, Charlotte, Vilma,

Pascale, Béatrix, Saleem, Fabien, Godfrey et Anne,

Maybe you'll remember, I suggested once (with emails entitled : "NVC + copyright + need of consistency => copyleft !") we could find inspiration in open-source structures to create a cooperation as efficient as the one we can observe here :
The idea is to find ways to conciliate all the good wills around the globe on efficiently transmitting this wonderfull living gift : nvc.
I like many things about :

1.  On the first page you can find on top of

the list their "Social Contract".
A kind of "Spiritual Basis", but translated to clear present request, about the way they are open to co-create.
I especialy like this paragraph :

3. We Won't Hide Problems

We will keep our entire bug-report database open for public view at all times. Reports that users file on-line will immediately become visible to others.

It fills my needs for connection : mutuality, trust,

cooperation, etc...

2.  The website is easily available in

plenty of languages :

This page is also available in the

following languages:
català dansk Deutsch Ελληνικά (Ellinika) español français 한국어 (Hangul) hrvatski Indonesia Italiano Lietuvių magyar Nederlands 日本語 (Nihongo) norsk (bokmål) polski Português română Русский (Russkij) slovenščina suomi svenska Türkçe 中文(简) 中文(HK) 中文(繁)

How to set the default document language

This, for me is a clear evidence of an efficient structure of cooperation.

I would like this efficiency brought to NVC.

And the 20/12/2003, an other one :
Extract :

Bonjour Kay !

(copy to Fabien, webmaster,
Saleem, co-administrator,
Godfrey, keeper of the translation authenticity ;)

thank you, Kay, for the "Local NVC Supporter Activation" !
It satisfies my needs for cooperation and trust ;)

I recently discovered the beauty of Wikipedia :

what about a wiki called NVCwiki ?

the english speaking version would be :

also available in :

In Other Languages !

NVCwiki language list - Afrikaans - ‮العربية‬ (Araby) - Bahasa Melayu - Bosanski - Català - Česká - Corsu - Cymraeg - Dansk - Deutsch - Eesti - Español - Esperanto - Euskara - Français - Frysk - Galego - 한국어 (Hangukeo) - हिन्दी (Hindi) - Hrvatski - Interlingua - Italiano - עברית (Ivrit) - Latina - Latviešu - Lietuvių - Magyar - Nahuatl - Nederlands - 日本語 (Nihongo) - Norsk - Occitan - Plattdüütsch - Polski - Português - Română - Русский (Russkiy) - Shqip - Simple English - Slovenian - Српски (Srpski) - Suomeksi - Svenska - தமிழ் (Tamil) - Tiếng Việt - Türkçe - 中文 (简) - 中文 (繁) - Start a new edition

Wouldn't it satisfie some need for connection ? ;)

Dieudonné, administrator & keeper of the copyleft spirit