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William Poehner

Danielle & William

I currently reside in Orange County, CA. Were i'm close to my brother and the rest of my family. I enjoy day dreaming, deep connections and yoga(preferably Bikram Yoga) I also enjoy studying Selwa Said's work of, Effective communication & Relationship Building Skills. I have been given the blessing to share her work and have embraced it whole heartedly.
For a living i serve on both the CNVC IT Committee & CNVC Leadership Team were I share my passion for technology. I also enjoy facilitating and participating in Nonviolent Communication workshops & practice groups. I wish to share the information and experience that led to my liberation from dualistic thinking (or practice of).I thank you Fr. Richard Rohr and Dr.Marshall Rosenberg for opening those doors.


JW: Hey William - care to say anything about yourself? What part of the world do you live in? What interests and involvement do you have in relation to NVC and the NVC community?  :)
Ok, I grew up in the streets of Los Angeles, bangin the hood, hustling, using... you know just all round thug life. Well, I guess I'm still doing the same stuff i was before, but with an NVC approach... you know, meeting needs!
JW: Any significant other in your life?
oh, yes of course my Daantje... ik hou van jou
JW: Sure glad I asked. Fun seeing how you've responded, and reading the other stuff you've put here. I'm happy to work with you AND call you friend. See again you soon, bro.


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