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[http://www.williampoehner.com William Poehner]
[http://www.williampoehner.com William Poehner]
Born: Novembers 21, 1977<br>
Currently reside in Orange County, California<br>
[[Image:Danielle&William.jpg|thumb| Danielle & William]]<br>
[[Image:Danielle&William.jpg|thumb| Danielle & William]]<br>

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William Poehner Born: Novembers 21, 1977
Currently reside in Orange County, California

Danielle & William


JW: Hey William - care to say anything about yourself? What part of the world do you live in? What interests and involvement do you have in relation to NVC and the NVC community?  :)
Ok, I grew up in the streets of Los Angeles, bangin the hood, hustling, using... you know just all round thug life. Well, I guess I'm still doing the same stuff i was before, but with an NVC approach... you know, meeting needs!
JW: Any significant other in your life?
oh, yes of course my Daantje...


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