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Conal Elliott

  • My languages: English
  • My location(s): San Andreas, California, USA
  • I do mentoring/coaching by phone (yes/no): yes
  • I do mentoring/coaching face-to-face (yes/no): yes
  • My fees for mentoring/coaching: sliding scale, typically $35-75. I enjoy trades.
  • My level of NVC experience: Immersed since Spring 2003, attended 9-day residential intensive (IIT) in 2004 and several trainings. Internally certified NVC trainer. I've been leading workshops (1 hour to 18 hours) and working with clients since Spring 2005, usually with my life partner Holly.
  • The type of mentoring/coaching I am most interested in doing is: intimate relationships (including non-traditional), family, living powerfully (with choice and compassion and without self-compromise), living from Center/Spirit. I am particularly gifted in clarity & essence.
  • More about me: See Awakening Compassion (NVC work), "NVC Evolves" (open blog), "Emergence of NVC" (a bottom-up vision for learning, living, sharing, and evolving NVC).
  • How to contact me:, +1.209.754.4773
  • Date when I last updated this information: June 13, 2007