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Conal Elliott

  • My languages: English
  • My location(s): San Andreas, California, USA
  • I do mentoring/coaching by phone (yes/no): yes
  • I do mentoring/coaching face-to-face (yes/no): yes
  • My fees for mentoring/coaching: sliding scale, typically $25-75. I enjoy trades.
  • My level of NVC experience: Immersed since Spring 2003, attended 9-day residential intensive (IIT) in 2004 and several trainings. Internally certified NVC trainer. I've been leading workshops (1 hour to 18 hours) since Spring 2005, usually with my partner Holly.
  • The type of mentoring/coaching I am most interested in doing is: couples & other relationships, living powerfully (with choice and compassion and without self-compromise).
  • More about me: Awakening Compassion, "NVC Evolves" blog, "Emergence of NVC" -- a bottom-up vision for learning, living, sharing, and evolving NVC
  • How to contact me: Contact info at Awakening Compassion page
  • Date when I last updated this information: June 13, 2007