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==General NVC topics==
==General NVC topics==
*[[Sociocracy in NVC | <B>Sociocracy</b> in NVC]]
*[[Social change]]
*[[Restorative justice]]
*[[NVC in Business]]
*[[Listening with Empathy]] and [[Expressing Honestly]]
*The basic [[Four part model]]
*[[Key differentiations]]
*[[Practice group exercises]]
[[Mailing lists]] about Nonviolent Communication
[[Links]] to NVC resources outside this wiki
[[Internet Relay Chat]] to talk with persons interested in NVC
==Other NVC wikis==
There are [[many NVC wikis]]. What to do?
'''[[Open software | Free and open NVC support (software)]]'''
'''[[Feedback | Feedback of wiki users]]'''
'''[[NVC Wiki Technical Issues]]'''
'''[[Administration News]]'''
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==Projects using the wiki==
==Projects using the wiki==
[[NVC IT Status]] - The [[CNVC IT Committee]] is reviewing technology for the global NVC community.
[[CNVC LT]] - Working space for CNVC Leadership Team (LT) & Board, with public discussion.
[[CNVC GCC]] - Working space for CNVC GCC circle & Network Coordinators.
The [[NVC USA Project]] hosted the '06 NVC conference [[Compassion In Action]], and use this wiki for [[Compassion In Action Planning]].
==People using the wiki==
Photos and words - [[People using the wiki]]
Marshall & Valentina Rosenberg have made a [http://en.nvcwiki.com/index.php/CNVC_LT#Marshall.27s_Statement_to_the_NVC_network Statement] about changes begun at October's [[Minutes October 21-25 CNVC GCC/Board Conference | LT Conference]].

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