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GCC Discussion area


Greetings, Friends,

We feel hopeful that this discussion area will contribute to mutual information and clarity. Feel free to ask questions here and make comments as we continue the planning process for the Global Coordinating Council.


Jim and Jori



Hi there,

On the recent UK Sociocracy teleconference (11th January 2007) we selected three people to act as observers between them on the next three GCC meetings. Below is the extract from our minutes.

Warmly, Shantigarbha

Proposal 2a: To elect someone to act as an observer at the next three GCC meetings and who would report back to us in an agreed manner. CONSENT GIVEN.

Proposal 2b: To draw up a role and person specification for the observer

CONSENT GIVEN to the following parts of the role description · Listening in to GCC meetings and making notes · Reporting back to NVC-UK Network phone meeting for four minutes, plus writing 200 word summary and emailing it to the network for next three calls.

CONSENT NOT GIVEN to mandating the observer to ask questions on our behalf nor to speak about issues on our behalf. CONSENT GIVEN to Shantigarbha, Gina and Jo to consider these possibilities (asking questions and raising issues) and to bring proposal to our next telephone conference call.

CONSENT GIVEN to including the following requirements of the observer: · accuracy · impartiality · ability to report back succinctly · has appropriate technology.

Proposal 3: To elect three observers to observe the GCC meetings between now and our next conference call (this is likely to involve observing three meetings) CONSENT GIVEN to Shantigarbha, Laura and Daren. Shantigarbha will contact Laura and Daren, invite them to accept the nomination and then arrange coverage of the three meetings.