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Liz Gay says: - I have concerns regarding this process. These arise out of experience that documents appearing on Wikis tend to reflect most strongly the views of those who have the time to visit and review content. I find partcipants in a 'discussion' can feel dismayed when they notice their contribution over-written by someone else and aparently 'lost' to the world (unless visitors to the Wiki can be bothered to review earlier versions of a document). As long as folk appear to prefer to create agendas in a web-based environment, my preference would be to set up a forum. (Forums seem to me to allow visitors to track conversations more easily than wikis, and, whilst comments can be responded to, once posted, an individual's words cannot be amended in any way that might seem to them misrepresentative.)

link doesn work

The link at the Article tab that indicates where you are supposed to go to create topics does not work: